PDP’s day of reckoning coming, says Wike the former presidential candidate

8 Sept 2022

Nyesom Wike, the governor of Rivers State, has stated that those who continue to believe they can assume the national leadership of the Peoples Democratic Party will face consequences.

The governor insisted that no one could prevent him from speaking out against such injustice and pleading for justice to be served.

On Wednesday, Seyi Makinde, the governor of Oyo State, performed the official opening ceremonies for the Emohua campus of Rivers State University and the flag-off of the staff housing. Wike addressed at both events.

When the day of reckoning arrives, such people, according to the governor, will be held accountable for all of their wrongdoings.

"That is why I'm telling the people over there, see, it can't work," he remarked. Not everything is up for grabs. Everything you ingest will purify you. Thus, you had better act morally right away. Don't just sit there and assume you can force me to do anything or influence anything. Even while you may believe you have the numbers to ensure that you take everything, you will eventually have to account for it.

He insisted that the PDP would do well in each state if he and his fellow governors delivered high-quality projects.

He thinks it will be incorrect for PDP states that haven't provided decent government to ask for votes from the populace.

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