Hunted- Week 2 on the run

31 Jul 2022

Photo Rhett Noonan
Only three (3) more episodes to go and only 8 fugitives still on the run.  For a Brief recap check out the below earlier posts

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The 18 fugitives are in 9 groups of 2 all trying to evade authorities for a chance to win a share of $100k. The 9 teams include:

Teams still on the run and more about them shortly
Jake and Rob
Puneet and Kris
Stathi, and Matt 
Nicholas and Lavinia

Recently captured
Derek and Courtney, had successfully evaded the hunters once by out running them, returned to the place that the hunters had been watching. They had a limited network of allies in Victoria and relied heavily on existing contacts which in the end was their downfall. The hunters were waiting. This time they had hunters that if they did try to run would have been able to catch them. 

Karen and Brittany were underwhelming with their tactics to evade authorities leaving a digital footprint of phone calls, atm transaction video images and even  using public transport to isolated locations. Apprehended in Cowes with one road in and a ferry terminal and in the end captured via intel from the public when sitting in a very public location at a bus terminal. I was surprised they lasted this long. 

Sonny-Joe and Grace, arguably the unluckiest fugitives captured. They had deceptively evaded the hunters by leaving phone calls, internet searches and other digital footprints to misdirect authorities. Having been off the radar of the hunters, they were identified when the hunters were tracking Jake and Rob and Ballarat train station. As the hunters were leaving after  failing to capture Jake and Rob, sonny Joe and Grace arrived at the station and were captured. 

Captured previously
Angie and Michelle
Erina-Lea and Jess

with the remaining 8 fugitives and 4 team left the Hunters are able to focus on each team.

Jake and Rob are working for cash and leaving breadcrumbs of where they have been. The Hunters are always one step behind. Their actions led to hunters trying to find them at Ballarat train station and enabling the capture of Sonny Joe and Grace
Stathi and Matt have created an elaborate code system, in a way so good that the Hunters thought it was staged. Resorting to remote camping are starting to struggle mentally. However remain a good chance of getting to the end
Puneet and Kris have used an extensive Melbourne network and are getting a bit homesick and reached out to family via a borrowed phone, they thought they were compromised and moved on to a neighbouring property and evaded the Hunters. 
Nicholas and Lavinia have been off the radar for sometime and spend a lot of time off the grid. When they needed funds they attempted to use their atm card, it was cancelled and authorities now no where they are. 

The last week will see Hunters trying to capture these last four teams before the fugitives make it to their extraction point. An exciting week ahead. Stay tuned. 


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