Waiting for another death

21 Feb 2023

People are starving; people are dying!
They die of hunger, and of suffering.
Like chickens, they are buried en masse.
Then, we keep living on, waiting for another death,
Like the helpless children of Eve.

The Earth is now is a place of despair, totally!
Of hopelessness, pains and of suffering
Earth where men live without a pride
Like prisoners waiting for the gallows,
Waiting still for another death!

Were we all created poor?
Why are others rich and smiling;
Whereas others poor and crying ?
Their fault, our fault? Is it natural?
Where lies this solution to this endemic problem?

The answer is not blowing in the wind,
The answer is in our minds,
The solution lies before us,
A simple choice to make
To eat what is ours and leave the rest for others!

Hatred is our middle name;
Corruption is our first name
How can we create a better World?
We will continue to live in sorrows ,
Waiting for another death!

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