Sony and PlayStation are Making a Push into Web3 and NFTs

26 Mar 2023

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On March 16th, it was revealed that Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc., the owner of the PlayStation brand, filed for an NFT-related patent.

The patent submitted by Sony is seeking to create the digital framework to allow for NFTs to be owned and transferred across different gaming platforms. 
The filing shows that Sony originally filed this specific patent back in November of 2021 and is now just finally being published.

To my understanding, a patent is normally published before it is officially granted to the applicant. 

This means that we can expect Sony to be granted relatively soon, and as a result we may possibly see some NFTs hit the PlayStation world in the near-future.
The official title of the patent is "NFT FRAMEWORK FOR TRANSFERRING AND USING DIGITAL ASSETS BETWEEN GAME PLATFORMS", and here is a direct link to the patent filed by PlayStation:

"Systems and methods are disclosed for determining that a first end-user entity has performed a task within a computer simulation for which a non-fungible token (NFT) is to be provided, where the NFT is associated with a digital asset. Responsive to the determination, the NFT is provided to the first end-user entity so that the digital asset may be used, via the NFT, across plural different computer simulations and/or across plural different computer simulation platforms. Ownership of the NFT may also be subsequently transferred to other end-user entities for their own use across different simulations and/or platforms."
Patent Abstract


Below is the main image, provided within the published patent application, that details the proposed NFT system. 

I am a huge fan of gaming and web3 (obviously) so I am extremely excited for the future after seeing this news. 

I believe that if PlayStation and other gaming giants become genuinely involved in the web3 space, it could lead to a golden era of advancement for blockchain gaming.

The world of blockchain gaming has been making big improvements in the last few years, but I still believe that the games are severely lacking comes to graphics, gameplay, and putting it all together. 

What are your thoughts on this news?

Do you like seeing Microsoft and Sony making strides into the Web3 world?

What genre of games would benefit the most from NFTs?

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Laura S. Wegner
@ZeroRequiem I think that I like Microsoft and Sony making strides into the Web3 world because it increases exposure of Web3 due to the reputation of these companies.