What Do You Think Is The Future Of Cryptocurrency And Not Just Blockchain Technology?

4 Feb 2023
After the not-so-wonderful year 2022 for the blockchain industry and with cryptocurrency receiving the most impact, many tokens and coins were wiped out with the likes of Terra, a native token as Luna and its founder company Terrafrom labs wiped out and with the winter year coming to a close with FTX being the icing on the cherry for the industry leaving many in huge loses and further propelling the Feds and consideration for CBDCs laws.

Regardless yet, in 2023 the industry is showing signs of brighter days with Bitcoin and ETH making massive moves but the PTSD of the winter year cant be easily shaken off. But the analysis and raw data show that the gigantic activities with bitcoin and ETH with other altcoins are but a false break-out move that is majorly influenced by the Febs rulings and manipulations of the Whales it is short-lived.

But for blockchain technology...

it has so many utilization and cryptocurrency is only a tiny piece of the possibilities that the blockchain presents. At the same time, it was a winter year for crypto as a whole, and developments and new intuition were rolled out, with the likes of Mercedes and BMW making massive moves in blockchain technology regardless of the winter year.

So what do think the future holds....?

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