The first time I had “Fura Da Nono”

25 Sept 2022

I grew up  in Abuja and in the midst of Hausas and Muslims and got used to their delicacies and snacks, and trust me most of them are amazing. They have a lot but I’ll just focus on one, they call it “FURA DA NONO”, in English simply means “MILK AND MILLET GRUEL”. The first time I had this I was like “God , heaven in a bowl”, it was so good. I could swear i had never seen a cow being milked talk less of actually drinking real cow milk. You should have seen the excitement on my face when i was about taking “Real Cow Milk” not Processed liquid/powdered milk for the very first time……it was priceless!!!
Furaa da no-no is highly popular in northern Nigeria. It is merely a mixture of locally produced yogurt made from fermented cow milk and ground millet, along with a variety of other ingredients and spices. Nunu, which is the Hausa name for fresh cow milk and is sold by Fulani women, is typically collected early in the morning in calabash bowls before being locally pasteurized. This is achieved by boiling the liquid to a specific temperature in order to destroy any potential impurities. The curd and whey separate once it has cooled, which has been let to happen. While the milk is allowed to ferment with its own natural bacteria for a short while,thereby converted into yoghurt,the curd is skimmed off and utilized to make local cheese or butter.
Here’s how to make it ;

• 1/2 cup soya bean meal
• 1/2 cup millet or Guinea corn meal
• 1 tsp. dried pepper, ground
• 1/2 tsp. cloves, ground
• 1 tsp. dried ginger root, ground
• 1 tbsp. corn flour
• 2 liters water (For boiling)
• 1 liter Fresh cow milk yogurt “No-no” or Normal yogurt
• Granulated sugar to taste

Fura Preparation:::
Step 1: In a medium sized bowl, mix the dry flour ingredients and spices together. Make a well in the center and add a little water just enough to act as a binding agent for the dry ingredients. Mold into medium sized balls.
Step 2: In a pot, heat the water for about 7mins and when it starts to Boil, drop the molded balls into the water and leave to boil for about 20 minutes.
Step 3: Transfer the boiled balls from the pot into a mortar and pound thoroughly. Re-mold once more into small balls and sprinkle with corn flour to keep the balls moist
Step 4: To serve, pour the nono into a bowl , Add the balls (mashed) and Sugar to taste. Eat with a spoon.
  It also has some nutritional benefits as well, which are;
   1.   Reduces Cholesterol Levels
Keeps the bones strong 
Lowers the risk of heart attacks
Aids digestion and prevents constipation 
Helps with fat metabolism 
Reduces the risk of Type 2 diabetes 
Boosts brain health

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