Yours Hopefully

19 Aug 2022

Last night I laid in bed with my face gazing at the ceiling.
Tears rolled to my ears because only I knew what I was feeling

But sometimes I wonder what my pillow thinks every night
Knowing it comforts me every time yet I still don't end up alright

But how can I explain to an inanimate object what letting out is
That I convert my pain to liquid and then send them as tears

Weeks ago I got on a call with my cousin and he asked for some cash
He has always been helpful to me so I felt bad telling him I didn't have

Funny enough I had thought of calling him for some financial assistance
But he called first and I disappointed him that instant

"It's okay brother, soon we'll look back at moments like this and laugh", he said
My eye balls got wet to his encouraging words, hopeful but I cried instead 

Today I got a mail from a job I was interviewed months ago to resume in two days
Here I lay in bed soaking my pillow again, but I'm sure it understands these are happy tears

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I totally understand because there are some days where I feel this way normally I'm broke and then having someone that understands me is a blessing
Errors corrected
Paw paw 😂
Everything will always be fine in the end. I pray for better days too
What a nollywood legend right here
And also, anyone that has been broke before will read this post with a teary eye. Just because he or she can relate to that situation. I'm glad how it ended