How to donate to JediSwap in Gitcoin Round 16

20 Jan 2023

JediSwap is a 100% community-led project. There is not a single employee at JediSwap. Keeping the same spirit, JediSwap focuses on grants to raise funds. JediSwap uses these funds to push the web3 ecosystem by creating open-source tools and educational content.

Follow these steps to support JediSwap in Gitcoin grant round 16.

1. Setup your Gitcoin Passport

Passport is designed to verify users' identities to protect against Sybil attacks proactively. To increase the impact of your donation, you will need to complete a series of verification procedures to achieve a minimum matching score of 21.76.

  1. Go to
  2. Connect your Metamask or any web3 wallet for the Ethereum mainnet.
  3. Click Connect/Verify Account for the Stamp you would like to verify.

There are a variety of verification stamps, including off-chain and on-chain activities.

  • Off-chain platform verifications include SMS/Google/Twitter/Facebook/Discord/Linkedin: These social media verification methods are relatively straightforward. You will be asked to authenticate for these platforms individually and sign a message using your wallet.
  • Onchain activity verification methods include POAP/ENS/Zksync/NFT Holder/ETH/BrightID/Snapshot. For these, you will only need to sign a message using your wallet, and based on your onchain data, you will be able to get stamps.
  • POAP - Ownership of a POAP for at least 15 days
  • ENS - Ownership of a ".eth" domain name
  • Zksync - Ownership of an activated ZkSync account
  • NFT Holder - ownership of an NFT on Ethereum Mainnet
  • ETH - an active ETH account
  • BrightID - Appeared in a BrightID Zoom meeting with your camera on.
  • Snapshot - Participated in voting on two or more DAO proposals or created a DAO proposal.

2. Get to an identity score of 21.76

To be eligible for the matching round, you must have a minimum identity score of 21.76. Check your identity score to ensure you have a minimum matching score of 21.76 before donating! Click on update score to check your score on the below link. If your score is low, go back to step one, complete more verifications, and recheck your score.

3. Open the JediSwap Gitcoin Grant page

Click on the below link to open the JediSwap grant page.

4. Add JediSwap to your donation shortlist:

"Add to shortlist" on the JediSwap Grant Page

5. Procced to checkout

Once you have added JediSwap to your shortlist, go to the checkout page from the icon on top of the grants page, as shown below.

6. Add projects to the Final Donation list

Move JediSwap to the final donation list from the shortlisted projects.

7. Choose the token and amount you want to donate

You can donate either in DAI or ETH. After filling in the amount, click on apply to all. You can choose different amounts for different projects if you want.

8. Submit your donation

Once you have reviewed the donation amount, click "Submit your donation."

9. Confirm your donation

Once you submit your donation, it will ask you to confirm it. Click on "Confirm."

10. Confirm the transaction

Once you click confirm, Gitcoin will open your web3 wallet to approve the transaction from your wallet. Click "confirm" on your wallet to complete the donation.
Note: if you donate using DAI, you might need to confirm twice on your wallet. One for approval and the second for moving DAI from your wallet.

Great! As soon as your transaction is processed on-chain, you have donated to Jediswap in Gitcoin Alpha Round 16.

To bring the maximum impact of your donation, complete the 10th step and earn JediSwap contribution points.

11. Earn contribution points:

You can earn contribution points by sharing your donation on Twitter. This helps JediSwap get more exposure to the broader web3 community.

  1. Click on the "Share on Twitter" button on the donation success screen on Gitcoin.
  2. Tag "@JediSwap" in your tweet and share why you love the JediSwap community!
  3. Share your tweet link on the JediSwap force wielder form:

Thanks for your support, and may the force be with you!

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