My resignation part 2

29 Oct 2022

A poem cannot be taken a bath without being called one. Now it's my time. It's always the same time for a piece of Mahasnaam after we take a bath, and then it's my turn to take a bath. He is currently upstairs, leaving me in my bathroom downstairs, where I am forced to listen to poetry. Then, "You ought to have the pipe fixed." Why should I fix the damaged pipe, she snarled. I also instructed the pieces to fix the faulty pipe that enters my bathroom. He spoke in vain about that. I would first look over your entire bathroom to see whether I felt like doing it. I questioned the lady, "Kondubai! Do those poems understand that you are listening to some of them?" The female yelled, "Oh! If so! widely known. And when I give his wife the form of a finished poem, she forbids the fragment from speaking a single line of his poetry inside the home." Once, Tushika's wife entered his bathroom as I was taking a bath and began verbally insulting Tushika nonstop. She appears to have taken a foreign language and Indian language course. She concluded by yelling, "Beware!" Answer the poetry riddle below if you are truly wise. Otherwise, turn off the bath faucet! and keyed in the code The woman came to a stop. They kept glancing my way. I then closed my eyes and uttered, "Hey! Sounds a little crude." What a baby, one woman exclaimed. What a disgrace! What exactly are pure and impure? The body contains all things. Some body parts look better bare, while others feel better covered. In the head-lotus, there is a net of writings, and there are also opportunistic antelopes and spiders in the nostrils. Young ears have excrement lumps, and reddish lips have sputum inside. The farm is located just below the belly. Baby, I've explained to you the truth hidden in the beauty up there. Actually, one can see the inner beauty. Ah, this puzzle contains a really lovely poem. The piece was unable to resolve this conundrum even after eight days. Its faucet was shut off as though in response to my approach and greeting. Still unable to solve the wife's riddle, pieces. Two brothers can do anything. You will learn which of the two is correct from Khunt Pakke. The "technique" of grinding grains at home is the response. One plate rotates while the other is fixed. One to the centre, one to the 'khunta' side. The brothers cry as the lady spins a stick in her hand while a dish spins and turns into flour. Kondubai, why are you listening to our private conversation? he exclaimed, completely shocked. I responded, "I hear, I don't hear." taklu, zara uchtanan, bombil, bawlat, mad, and loose. I have to listen to your wife talking to you every day. Your incredibly dark pipe is to blame for this. The lady stopped speaking and there is now silence at home. While this was going on, bits of the fourth floor began to peep through the door, and the woman remarked, "Ya s. Da. Come whole or in bits. Sadanand Damodar, the piece's full name, spoke in an one breath, "Kondubai Interpreter! I've brought a pipe; show it to me." Then I had to add, "Mr. fantastic bits You started acting right away! Now that your poetry won't be heard by Kondubai "In between, the woman uttered, "They will enter the corporation's sewers." He stated, "He shall live," in this manner. Cling on. "Ah, poet, that is the way," the woman teased. Your pipe won't be used in any assemblies. The final line of restroom poetry is this. The lady remarked, "Come on, this is too much," as the poet remained silent. I need to prepare. to brew tea You two now sip tea with real milk. Then the lady's "he" approached us and asked, "What Balasaheb and Mr. pieces you?" What did you accomplish while I slept? Who kissed her? "Mr. Interpreter," I yelled. Hey Dubhashi, this was the previous name of my wife, he said in response. I am humble. After our divorce is finalised tomorrow, she will leave me and wed Eknath Multilingual. At the same time, Kondubai arrived carrying his favourite cup of tea and remarked, "Quickly hold my..." observe my palate. That is how tea tastes. Balasaheb! he said as he arrived. My first residence was located on the seventh floor of Mr. Later on in the year, yarn gathered on the sixth floor with Mokashi. In the past 18 months, I have climbed the stairs five times. In a year and a half, these soft-spoken individuals were added after the floor interpreters were. morning stroll My marriage secret is that Bahubhashi came to visit me from the second floor. I will be in relationships with persons who belong to all twelve zodiac signs, according to Kashi Pandits. Now that eleven Rasis are finished, just the last Rasi, "Taurus," remains. What is your Rasa, Balaji? she then questioned. Since Balasaheb's B, O, and E are all "Taurus," I started to be careful. I left without sipping any tea and gave the groundnuts "my resignation." 

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