20 Aug 2022
Monkeypox has taken the globe by a tempest since its flare-up in may this year as the cases rise universally so does the concern of individuals in excess of 35000 instances of monkeypox disese have recorded on 92 nations and regions and with fatalities 1 could monkeypox be hazardous the contaminated individual will have a fever back torment muscle hurts extraordinary cerebral absence of power and enlarging of hubs on skin emission in face hands and feet ordinarily start inside 1 to 3 days of the beginning of fever at point casualty rate with monkey pox sickness is high how its pread since the monkeypox can cause infection that is a viral disease it can spread withcreatures andindividuals at point we came contact with a creature or individual who is already with the infection we create monkeypox thus it is ideal to avoid homeless creatures and furthermore people that might be giving indications of monkeypox or any kind of ailment does a monkeypox patient need to detach indeed a monkeypox patient is separated from whole of the infections time frame a monkey poxmight need disengage for at least 2 small how might monkeypox people can contract monkeypox by coming into close contact with a tainted creature or individual as well as defiled objects the monkeypox can be betweem individuals through sexual contact also with respiratory secretionsks limit of about a month relying upon the seriousness of the reverse

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Monkey pox is a serious case
yes its dangerous there are some cases of monkeypox in my country too stay safe guys
Thank you for educating us about monkey pox. I have not really heard of any cases of monkeypox in my country
Pretty Rani
Monkeypox is not that harmful as Covid 19 in our country also i don't think there had been any cases but it's mostly occured in the European part of the country although one should definitely go and check to Medical if that person is finding any such symptoms it better to be take precautions
This article on Monkeypox is very informative and well written. I didn't realize how serious this virus can be, especially for those with weakened immune systems. It's important to stay informed about these types of diseases, especially in the current climate where we are more vulnerable to new and emerging viruses.
Is there a cure to it?