Gambling God - Part 2

8 Aug 2022

This is a thriller story continue from Gambling - Part 1

Tom, Jerry and Sylvester guessed 10 times together but still failed to find out the missing finger on the 9 fingered beauty. They gathered at the bar, all felt defeated, Sylvester complained ‘what happened guys ? Did you point to the correct fingers that we agreed?’ Tom and Jerry both nodded innocently.

Jerry added ‘I am 100% sure that I felt her left index finger’s presence because I remember that finger was as long as the middle finger and it feels exactly like a human finger, I was startled when she revealed the left index finger missing’

Tom said ‘Guys, let’s get out of here, it is kind of creepy to me’. Jerry agreed.   

Sylvester departed in separate path from his two friends and walk to the car park while pondered on how the 9 fingered beauty put out that illusion trick consistently.

As he was about to hop onto his car, he saw the 9 fingered beauty drove her car pass in front of him. He suddenly felt the urge to follow her.......

After a 15 minutes car chase, Sylvester saw the 9 fingered beauty’s car came to a stop in front of an old mansion of colonial design. Sylvester stop his car and glanced at the mansion and thought ‘How many people she had enticed to throw money at her to buy this mansion?’ He looked at his watch and found that it was almost 12 midnight, and when he decided that he must leave for home, then he saw the 9 fingered beauty standing next to his car and tap on the driver’s window.

Her sudden appearance pounded his heart, he quickly rolled down the window, she greeted him ‘Hello, my name is Tweety, it’s nice to see you again’.
Sylvester was embarrassed and replied ’how do you do? I am Sylvester. Sorry, I was not stalking you for bad, I was curious and I am still baffled by your finger guessing game.’   

Tweety smiled cheerfully and told Sylvester ‘not at all, you are the winner of the night, you guessed it right, my missing finger was in deed my right pinkie’

Sylvester was dumbfounded by the surprise.

Tweety motioned Sylvester to come into her mansion for a drink and implied that she honoured the promise of the price of the guessing game.   

Sylvester felt hot on his chest and follow her into the mansion through a metal front gate connected to a drive path leading to the porch….….

There, Sylvester sat on the grand sofa with a glass of cognac on his hand. As he was scanning around the luxurious lounge room with marble floor, he saw Tweety reappeared in the lounge room, this time she had changed her dress into a night gown with a glass of red wine on her hand.

She was absolutely beautiful and gorgeous.

As she sat next to him, he can smell her womanly scent. Sylvester’s heart melted although he suppressed his passion for her but still give compliment to her elegance.

She showed her appreciation of the praise by clinking her glass of wine with Sylvester’s and said ‘cheers’ After both had a sip of the liquor, Tweety delivered her admiration for Sylvester ‘You are an elite in Macau, otherwise you would not spend that kind of money to chase the curiosity’.

Her compliment appeared to triggered her sentimental memories. She looked down in sorrow and then said with tears in her eyes ‘I am an embittered woman behind the stage, I needed the performance opportunity to earn money to decorate this house so my parents can live in a comfortable life’. 

Sylvester thought that was touching and moved by her love of her parents, he thought Tweety must be an innocent woman who was forced into the naughty work of the private club, selling her youth for the money to benefit her family.

He wanted to hug her but felt that would be intrusive. Tweety noticed his slight body movement towards her for a touch but restrained.

She appeared to appreciate this kind of subtleness and tenderness, she looked at Sylvester’s manly face and slicked back hairstyle in a smart suit, her feeling of passion for Sylvester heightened, she sensed redness on her face, then smile and said ‘you are such a gentleman with confidence and persistence, you strike me as a blue blood aristocrat’, she tenderly put out her cheek and lean towards Sylvester’s body and closed her eyes.

He hugged her and sniff her fragrant face………. then Tweety led him inside a bed room with red light……………..Sylvester grabbed her hands by palm-to-palm with impulsive instinct while breathing like a flaming bull. Tweety appeared almost fainted with lust.

At this exact moment, Sylvester’s heart pounded by a discovery, he felt her right thumb was missing. He lifted himself from Tweety’s body and checked her hands, he saw that it was in deed her right thumb missing.

He was frightened and uttered ‘on the stage, you showed me it was your left index finger missing, why it is the right thumb missing now?’

Tweety was saddened by Sylvester’s scared frozen eyes and lips, she thinks Sylvester was her only encounter in this guessing game that have feeling of affection, her grief was swift but then she recovered. She was reminded by her real intention in money making, it is all business, her consciousness overcome her irrational affection for Sylvester.

Poor Sylvester is now just her tool instead.

She grinned at Sylvester with her lips held tight. She said amusingly ‘Do you want to know the secret? Do you know why no one has ever guess it right? Because I have witchcraft’.

Sylvester gazed at her peculiar grin on her face and felt fear is emerging inside his head.

Tweety put out her bare hands in front of Sylvester’s face and said with a sharp-witted sneer ‘watch my hands’

Sylvester saw her missing right thumb emerge up like a mole extending from a hole, at the same time her left index finger retracted back to become a missing finger.

Sylvester was stunned by her stupendous trick, but Tweety further scared Sylvester with all her 10 fingers extending and retracting into her both palms like 10 mini pistons operating.

Her pretty face was flashed as a zombie, Sylvester was terrified and jolted backward.

By this time Sylvester realised he is facing a supernatural being, a ghost.
He grabbed his clothes and ran for his life towards the entrance door. Throughout the escape path to the mansion’s front gate, he can hear Tweety’s loud laughter at his back repeatedly.

To be continued in Part 3.

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