Bucket List: Top 5 Sports Events Before I Die

31 May 2023

Any one else have a sports bucket list? Perhaps you never even thought about it before. Here are my top five sports events I want to tick off on my bucket list. Would also love to know what's on your lists!

Baltimore Ravens vs. Pittsburgh Steelers (NFL)

The Super Bowl is a pipe dream. It's too expensive and I'd much rather be guaranteed to watch my own team play. This one comes down to the Ravens being my favourite team in the NFL.

The Ravens-Steelers AFC North match-up is one of the most intense and physical rivalries in the league and I can't think of anything I'd want to do more in America than watch these two go at each other at the 71,000 capacity M&T Bank Stadium. Maybe Disneyland is the only place I'd want to go more. Actually, nah. M&T Bank Stadium it is.

Rangers vs. Celtics (Football/Soccer)

My goodness. I need to get to Ibrox Stadium to watch the Old Firm derby in my lifetime. Everyone I speak to wants to go to a Premier League game but the meaning in this game is next level and in my mind the best football derby in the world.

Rangers were built upon Protestant roots and Celtic were built upon Catholic Church foundations so you can see how this derby can get fiery. So deep is the rivalry, it creates social, political, religious and sectarian divides not only in Scotland, but across Britain.

Australian Grand Prix (F1 Racing)

This one's most realistic for me as it's a flight down (or drive) from Sydney. Everything else on my list is a world away. Over 100,000 fans attend on race day and more than 300,000 during the four-day event at the Albert Park Circuit.

Interestingly it's a street circuit that's an everyday road around Albert Park Lake, a small man-altered lake. It can be driven around on by the public nine-months of the year when not being used for F1 preparation and the race. Most of the road is limited to 40km/h, alot less than the 321km/h top speed achievable on the track.

2026 FIFA World Cup (Football/Soccer)

A World Cup in the U.S., Canada and Mexico is way more appealing than Qatar. The 23rd World Cup will be the first to expand from 32 to 48 teams so it'll be an absolute carnival of a tournament. The AFC will be given 8 spots, up from the 4.5 in previous tournaments so the Aussie Socceroos should very likely be there.

NBA Playoffs (NBA)

Just to be at an NBA playoff game would be special and to watch one at a place like Madison Square Garden would be magical. I'd pick any playoff game where my favourite team the Washington Wizards are playing but it's always a struggle to even make the playoffs in the first place for the Wiz.

I suppose I could watch the Lakers, Celtics, Bucks or Warriors in the playoffs but I'd definitely be rooting for the other team that's for sure.
What sports events are on your bucket list? Let me know in the comments below.

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Bucket list it's a best concept every one have different bucket list to fulfill their dreams and its give the strong positive energy to succeed.
south coast surfer
Good bucket list mate - definitely relate to a few of these. Mine would be a Rugby Union World Cup final anywhere - I reckon that would be epic & maybe a 6 Nations final would be up there also
Been working through a bucket list since i finished dealing with some health issues. It's awesome, everyone should do it. Life is way too short
Champions league final would be right up there. SuperBowl, game 7 in the NBA finals and the Monaco Grand Prix.