The Fed Has Created an Interesting Dilemma Whose Purpose Is to Serve an Offensive on a Digital Dolla

18 Mar 2023

By doing everything possible to avoid a systemic failure by protecting the big US banks, the US government and the Fed have created an interesting dilemma that seems to have a purpose.
With the large US banks once again having guaranteed liquidity thanks to the Fed's rule change, it is now smaller regional banks that are being attacked by the depositors.
Proof that the confidence that Joe Biden wanted to restore cannot be restored. The flaws in this system are too visible for the general public to continue to be fooled forever.
With its aggressive rate hike in 2022, the Fed is at the root of this systemic failure risk. The Fed is all the more to blame since it had repeatedly told private banks that rate hikes would be gradual.
As a result, the Fed's rate hike over the past year has been the fastest in history!

This shows once again that no one can trust the Fed, not even the banks, which are ultimately just branches under the Fed's control.
The Fed's actions will have the effect of discrediting private banks to the general public.
The U.S. government and the Fed have appeared to the general public as the great saviors in recent days. The general public will be fooled by this narrative which the media will of course push.
You have to ask yourself why the US government and the Fed are trying to do this. What could be the point of discrediting private banks a little more in the eyes of Americans?
The answer can be found in 4 letters: CBDC.
Central Bank Digital Currency.

For the American government and the Fed, it seems ideal that banks crash in order to discredit them and then put forward the interest for the Americans of a digital dollar.
A digital dollar that would allow to have a direct link between the Fed and the Americans without going through the bad bankers who keep on acting in a shameful way.
I think you have understood by now that all this is not a coincidence.
The problem is that if the Fed pushes a digital dollar as a sign of progress, it will actually be a regression for all Americans who will be trapped with a digital currency under the control of the Fed.
You will tell me that this will not change the current American dollar. I would say that you are right, but the problem is that in addition to the current risks with the US dollar, there will be risks to your privacy.
The Fed will be able to control and monitor even better what you do with the fruits of your labor. The Fed will be able to censor you more easily. The Fed will be able to define a precise profile and then push to eliminate cash. We will be on our way to the surveillance society.
Some people think this is a dystopian future, but everything that has happened in recent years is leading us there.
Even worse, the Fed may decide to follow the example of the CCP in China which added the possibility to its digital yuan to have a deadline of use and a precise area of expenditure!
I don't know if you realize what this means, but it is clearly catastrophic.
The Fed will tell you to use your digital dollar units before a fixed date in a specific area in order to boost consumption in America for example. Stuck in this even more restrictive, but still flawed system, you will have no choice but to play the game or lose the fruits of your labor.
In my opinion, you need to wake up as soon as possible and look for an alternative that will allow you to say no and resist if this mass surveillance society that is coming is really going to happen in the future.
Bitcoin seems to me to be one of the best alternatives at the moment to protect you from this.
If Bitcoin doesn't suit you, you can look at other solutions, like gold, but I don't think gold is really suitable for the digital world of tomorrow. However, physical gold is an option that has an interest in the situation that is coming.
It's up to you as always.
The key is to be prepared for the worst. Just in case it happens ...

Don't take for granted the word of Bitcoiners who tell you that Bitcoin is an incredible monetary revolution, but verify it for yourself by developing the knowledge to build your truth about Bitcoin.

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