Aduke pt.3

14 Sept 2022

I had thought everything through, and I decided I was going to ask any of my female friends, someone must definitely know who she was. I did, and I was right. Joy is a crazehead, and she did more than just tell me her name, she introduced us.
"Aduke, meet Amaphidel". she said, I extended my hands for a handshake. and she shook my hands. it was the warmest hands I had felt in a long while, and I don't know where Joy disappeared to. 
I cannot remember what I said next, but I knew the conversation with her went so easy, so smooth. she would laugh hard at jokes I thought were boring and I was listening t her like she was my favorite teacher. it was the last day of camp and I overcame my fear, and asked for her number.

later that week, I saw her at church and we chilled a bit, she said she was hungry so i bought my breakfast, thought she won't eat but she did appreciate it. we spoke for hours and then i realized something.

she was staying miles away from my city, she was just here for the holidays.

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