best players in the 2000s

9 Aug 2022

The NBA in the 2000s had probably the best players compared to any other decades here are 5 of the best players in the 2000s

Number 5 is Lebron James the reason he is so low on this least is because these were his early days and it still very impressive that he was one of the best in the 2000s obviously when he got more experience he started getting much better which I will talk about in my 2010s article 

Number 4 is Allen Iverson he was a shifty point guard that moved so fast on offense if you blinked he was past you. was a great scorer and is my favourite NBA player , all the teams that he did play for was a one man show because of this he did not win a championship however did win the MVP in 2001.  

Number 3 dirk Nowitzki he played for Dallas Mavericks his whole career and in the 2000s he averaged over 20 points every season. he invented a unstoppable move and no matter how many times he did the same move it was always the same outcome.

Number 2 is Tim Duncan he is one of the best mid range shooter of all time he lead his team the San Antonio Spurs to 5 championships which are the only championships that the whole franchise has one so I think it safe to say that without him they would still have 0 championships won.

Number 1 is Kobe Bryant by far he was the best player in the 2000s he lead the Lakers 5 championships and won MVP of the league in 2008. everyone he faced was scared of him he had a crazy mentality and will to win, he was a great scorer also a great defender he will go down as one of the greatest all time definitely in my top 10. 

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I am more familiar with this list now😄😄. Great players
this is a good quality list however i believe iverson is up there for contention for number 1
south coast surfer
Solid list there Mr Basketball - LeBron would have been my pick until I read why you didn’t have him further down the list, so I get why Kobe is your No.1 draft. Good work
Very impressive list. In an era with such high quality players like Kobe, Iverson and Lebron would be hard to find a top pick. You did it with Lebron as number 1. Agree with lebron and I think Iverson is a worthy addition too