Why Spider-Man is most Loved superhero??

21 Jul 2022

There are many superhero movies and Television seires based on comics books and novels. But when it comes to superhero ,most people love Spider-Man . Let's talk on this.

The reason is not that Spider-Man is most powerful . Spider-Man  is average superhero in terms of power. There are actually Many superhero like Thor ,Wanda, Doctor strange who could actually beat them . In other comic alsoe , Superman and other xan easily defeat Spider-Man . Thus we can say easily that Spider-Man is not popular because he is most powerful. The main reasons sre : 

1) Spider-Man along with Batman  and Superman films and series are being made and watched since many years . In past, people who are actually interested in superhero have watched about this character only in screen and for others they just read in comic . And watching is more fun than reading.

2) Sam Raimi Spider-Man films were best to take Spider-Man character to next levels. Thiese movies are best because of story as well as CGI and makes character powers more accurate in screen.

3) Behind this ,Sam Raimi Spider-Man is probably one of the superhero movies people at the beginning loves to superhero then only.

4) Spider-Man character is most also probably seen in most of product in those days and now also.

What are your thoughts on This.?? Comment down if you knkw something on this. 

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Your favorite friendly neighborhood hero, spiderman? People love the man in the red tights no doubt
Most people hate spiders 😅 unless it's a man
As you know, Spider-Man is a character who dispels his sadness with his jokes. In some adventures, this sadness gets in the way of his jokes and a dark story emerges. This increases love.
Spiderman 2002 directed by Sam Raimi was gamechager for this. Now matter which fanbase from you are either Marvel or DC , you always loved Spiderman movies and probably this movie could be the frist reasons you strated watching those superheroes movies. For those who read comics, they knew many things but if you are just superhero movies lover , everyone must have watched those spiderman movies.
spiderman and iron man r my favs <3