Three trading cheats to see the light of day

23 Jan 2023

Reading a good book is talking to many noble people; reading a good book is better than making ten friends;

From elementary school to university, I was a person who didn't like reading books. When I was in elementary school, others read comics. I didn't read them. When I was in middle school, I read novels. I didn't read them. When I was in college, I read other academic books. Look;

It ’s really time to pick up the book and look at it when entering the currency circle. When the newborn calf in the currency market is not afraid of tigers, he bumps into a wall and smashes his blood. When he comes into contact with bitcoin, he wants to understand this brand new field and cannot feel it. When you are in the head; when you are walking alone on the road of trading, when you are bitter and bitter between the ups and downs ...

The biggest reason why I read a book is that I do n’t want to miss it when the opportunity comes, such as trading, such as futures, such as digital currency ...

Maybe you can't learn the technical skills of trading from it, but I believe that you can definitely strengthen the belief in investment trading from it.

Good book recommended

"Trading Psychology" ... [Japanese] Murakami

"The Most Important Thing in Investment" ... [US] by Howard Max

The most useful thing for me is to grow because of transactions. In addition to special fields such as law and medicine, many jobs in the society are for young people. It is difficult to make achievements in old age, but not for transactions. The more you get, the more valuable the older you get.

Real masters have their own set of knowledge systems, this set of systems is like a growing tree growing in their brains, or a web that can become larger and more complex at any time, and new knowledge Come in.

In the risky career year after year, in the temptation again and again, always try to restrain the inherent fear and greed of human beings, in case of a little carelessness, it will make a big mistake, ordinary Only through continuous learning, realization, and practice can traders progress.

Trading is a lonely game of personal heroism. On this path, we must go forward lonely after all, and hope each one is valuable.

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