My favourite blockchain pt.2

30 Jun 2022

Did you miss the first part of the 'My favourite blockchain' story, follow the link below to be on track

My favourite play-2-earn on Solana?

Well, I haven't really had the opportunity to explore a play-2-earn on Solana, I don't even know if any exist as of today. 
Probably there are a couple of Play-2-earns on Solana, but none has crossed paths with Me.

Best DEX on Solana?

What's your guess? You were probably right, my favourite DEX is Crema Finance. 
Did you know? or you may just find out that I am a Crema Finance Ambassador. Yeah, that's right, I got a 3-Star Ambassador role.

If you haven't decided on a DEX to trade on Solana yet, then you could consider making your favourite DEX as well. 

Crema Finance has 2 distinct swap modes one being Jupiter aggregator (one of the best aggregators on Solana) being integrated and the other being a swap page for stables and some other tokens including $CRM (Crema's native token),

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My best dex I will say is the Ethereum network, it seems more secured than the rest out there. Asides tezos, I don't think there's any other blockchain I love.