Wild Life

21 Aug 2022

In the past, humans have tended to distinguish between civilization and wildness in a variety of contexts, including the legal, social, and moral ones. However, certain animals have developed adaptations for suburban settings. This includes creatures like dogs, cats, mice, and rats, among others. Some religions hold specific animals in high regard, and today's environmental concerns have led activists to protest against the use of wildlife for entertainment or economic gain.
According to the 2020 World Wildlife Fund Living Planet Report and the Zoological Society of London's Living Planet Index measure, human activity, particularly overconsumption, population growth, and intensive farming, has resulted in a 68% decrease in global wildlife populations since 1970. This is additional proof that humans have sparked a sixth mass extinction event. According to CITES, it has been estimated that every year, the trade in wildlife affects hundreds of millions of animal and plant species and costs billions of dollars.

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