Nature: Bees Part-2

30 Aug 2022
Part-1 is here

Nature: Bees Part-2

On the day of February, which is being talked about here, there was a lot of sunshine on that day. The need for warm clothes was gone. We just used to put it on our body as a habit. When he could not bear it, he used to tie the sweater on the waist with the help of arms. One such day my friend and I were going on a bicycle to Rasna village to meet another friend of mine. The distance between Rohta and Rasna would have been four to five kilometers. Both of us were riding bicycles, not knowing what to create an argument over and speaking in a loud voice, holding the handle with one hand and shaking it in the air with the other hand to give extra emphasis to our point.

suddenly saw bees:

Turning from Meerut-Baghpat road towards Rasna, we must have gone up to half a kilometer away. It was school holiday. Children were coming back from school. Amidst all the excitement of the debate, I noticed that a group of three or four children suddenly tossed their bags towards the jamun tree on the side of the road. The bag first jumped up and then fell on the ground. Then those children picked up the bag and took it to the gallop and ran into the sugarcane field. This scene passed through my eyes but the meaning of this scene did not open in my mind.

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