Why Avenger had only 1 chances out of 14,000,605??

29 Jul 2022

We might have enjoyed Avengers infinity war and Avengers Endgame. There are many things that are yet to be understandable in these movies. Let's talk about Doctor strange who said that Avengers can fight Thanos and his army in  14,000,605 scenerios but can win only once.
What are things that made Thanos loses??
First of all, these 14 million scenerios were seen only by Doctor strange himself. So, what we saw are only 2 fights of Avengers aganist Thanos. One is infinity war which Avenger loses while another is Endgame which Avengers won. There could be many others possible ways. Let's say in one scenerio, Thanos could have killed them one by one or Thanos have attacked in different ways or Thanos snaps before Ironman tries to  takes stones from Thanos. So ,there could be many ways. A slight changes in fighting members or events can also makes a different scenerios which could be among 14 millions. But in all cases Thanos won aganists Avengers. 

The main reasons behind Thanos loss in only one scenerios are : 
1) Arrogance : In all cases Thanos was truely focused towards his goals to snap and wipe out half of living beings. He was faithfully working. Out of 14 million chances, in many cases, Ironman was ready to sacrifice himself. Every other avengers tried to stop Thanos. But in one cases which is endgame, Thanos already knew that he had won. So, arrogance arises in him. 

2) Bad atttitude in Endgame:  As Thanos grew arrongance in cases of endgame scenerios. he wants to destroy whole life form and then wants to create new universe where he will rule and be a god among new humans  because he thinks that leaving half of life form will causes him problem as they are known to time travel and they will repeatedly try to stop him . In his new universe, he will erase all past events details and history.

3) Carelessness : As 2014 Thanos knew he would be succesful in his plan, he got very ego in him. He didn't even care about whether there are stones or not when Ironman attacked him in endgame. But in other scenerios out of this endgame, there could be chances that when Thanos snaps he really cared about stones and when he knew Ironman has already taken stones from him. Before he snaps , Thanos have attacked Ironman and took again stones and again snaps and became successful.

Conclusion : 
1) Thanos lost in only one scenerio just because he diverted his mind and goals as Arrognance arises in him.
2) Thanos in other cases out of 14 million was just stitched to his plan of wiping half of life form.
3) Thanos thought that wiping half of life form is impossible as Avengers will always try to stop him using time travel or restoring peoples back. So, he thoughts of wiping all life forms where no one will remember and know of past. But he failed this time. 

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