6 Jan 2023

Testnet 4th Hidden Mission : “Operate Your Own Planet” Eligibility 1) You have the role undefinedundefined and above (Discord Lv. 3 and above). 2) You submitted your HAVAH wallet address correctly in undefinedundefined channel. 3) You are one of the first 10,000 people. If you have fulfilled all the conditions above, then you are eligible to participate. How to Participate - Enter command “/getcode” in the undefinedundefined chat. A /getcode [havah_wallet_address (blank space)] will appear. - Submit your HAVAH wallet address in the blank space and press Enter. - If you have submitted correctly, a bot will give you an Access Code that can be entered in the Planet Runner Program. - Among the attached files, download and install the file that is fit for your Operation Server. - After activating the Planet Runner, press the [+ Add Planets] button, fill in your Access Code, and click on the [Confirm] pop up. * You will not be able to install both Planet Runners from Testnet and Mainet at the same time. If you own a Planet, you must delete the Testnet Planet Runner and install again from the Mainnet in order to operate your Planet, which will be available starting from Jan 11th (Wednesday).

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