A Story Of My Life🙂

7 Jun 2022

I want to tell here my heart out bursting story. I am belong a middle class family, my mother iis housewife and father is small businessman .He does everything for my study, my betterment. he never ever say something like that he can not give waht i desire what I want . Its quite often that he didn’t get any meal a whole day but provide everything for me.But i am always praying to God for him and my mother. They both are not so much well educated to guide me after my class 10th board exam, i took science after 10th. Without having any knowledgh what to do next, i am successfully secure a good rank in all india joint entrance examination. But i got another state in councilling so my family did not support me to go. they gave me admission in nearby college. But i got depression very much for that , they understood my condition and i left that college after few months. loss a whole year. Next year i again gave joint entrance examination and secure a good rank . i got chance in central college in my state and start a new journey. Here also i have seen that money power is the biggest power than every thing. Unfortunately i got two extremly rich roommates , they are always showing me their money power by each and every moment. I am feeling extremly bad specially when i go for hangout with them for like dinner or anything. Thats why though i want to attend in college fest , i cant go there because i have my limited number of dresses. now focusing on study point , i study hard for good marks after all for supporting my father. But my luck not support my hard work..it always do something opposite of my luck. For these money i have a small circle of friends. I am also getting chance in aboard internship not by other like source its totally merit basis , but still the invitation letter still in my email inbox , because for do that internship i have to show minimum bank balance 10 lakh..which is too high for my family. Now i am just thinking what should i do further because everything is pending for lack of support of my family and money support.

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