Basic Skills needed to work for a Web3 Project

17 Jun 2022

Web3 is constantly rewarding people for every positive contribution towards making it a better place for users. With some basic skills, you can earn from web3 and afford some basic needs of yours.

Now what are the basic skills that could pay you in Web3

Community Moderator:
Being a community moderator can be time-consuming and also very rewarding at the same time. Every project in the crypto space is always in need of a community moderator to manage their telegram, discord, etc.

Knowing how to create some bots on discord and several other social media accts is a win-win for you.

As a community moderator, you are expected to understand the concept of the project and its use-cases in order to be able to explain it to newbies for easy understanding.

As a community moderator, you are also expected to be fluent in English or any other Local language depending on the community you would be managing.

Projects pay as much as a $1000 or more to Moderators on a monthly Basis

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