Die with me

2 Nov 2022

In a small village named Bandhav, there was a lot of stir late tonight. It spread like a fire in the main part of the village. Carrying sticks and lanterns as if all the villagers had come out today. But this movement had not yet reached some huts on the outskirts of the village. The life saving light had reached there.

"Open the door.. Sushil.. I am your friend Prakash.."

When Sushil opens the door, a gasping light enters his house.

Prakash - You are alone in the house, Sushil?

Sushil- Yes, my wife has gone to her maternal home for the festival.. but why do you look so upset?

Used to be?

Instead of answering Sushil's question, Prakash hit him hard on the head due to which Sushil fainted. Then the villagers coming after Prakash started banging on the door. Some people had seen Prakash entering Sushil's house from afar. The noise was increasing outside Sushil's hut.

Villagers raised their voice

"Sushil open the door.

After no response for a long time, angry voices started coming from the angry crowd. "Hey, Sushil is Prakash's best friend, isn't he?"

"He won't open the door."
"Sushil also seems to have met Prakash.."

"Burn alive.. both of them.. cremate those sinners right here."

The ability of the angry crowd to think gets weakened.

Soon the mob burnt Sushil's hut. Prakash, galloping after breaking the back window of Sushil's house, got lost in the jungles behind. Here the smoke rising from the burning of the hut broke the unconsciousness of Sushil. By this time the whole house and his body were on fire. He screamed and anguished, opened the door and ran outside........ voices came from the crowd.

"That's the killer light.... kill it."

No one thought for a moment to know the identity of that burning, agonizing and groaning figure .. and kept beating her outside with sticks and sticks till she became lifeless. The madness of the villagers has now calmed down. Then the sarpanch's boy's eyes fell on the hand of the half-burnt corpse on which "ॐ" and "Sushil" were written. This word spread in the crowd and it did not take long for anyone to understand that this light is not good. When some people inspected Sushil's smoldering hut from outside, it came to know that after seeing the opportunity, Prakash had fled. The villagers realized their mistake but now it was too late. To save Chuka himself, he decided to make a story in front of the police that Sushil was also involved in the murders along with Prakash and was killed by a furious mob... while Prakash escaped. The police came to this incident sooner than expected and went on with paperwork, corpse panchnama and a little interrogation. When the sarpanch told the in-charge of the local police station, the station officer consoled him.

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