They happen

11 Jan 2023

Words not written down
Undiscovered box with a lock
If only you were present, secure

Why did you need to leave?
You completely wrecked me.
One cannot sew my heart.
Unfortunately, we can't take you home.
not even using the newest technology.

I was with you there.
As soon as you fell asleep
despite both good and unpleasant things
By means of the best and better

I observed the angels killing you.
You took off for heaven.
You took off into the skies.

I felt like you were still here even after you departed.
Like you were in my thoughts like you were always there

I'm aware that you keep an eye on me.
And even though I might cry, I'm glad you're pain-free.
I never inquire, not even "why?"

Right, everything occurs for a purpose.
I believe that to be the case.
But is that truly true, or am I just being shocked by it?

You are now in God's hands.
Sound and secure
Don't cry, don't utter a sound.

I'll never forget you.
You have had such a profound impact on so many lives, including mine.

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