Virtual reality of trying-on without fitting room

3 May 2022

Scientists have come up interactive mirrors in shops that let consumers virtually try on different outfits, and explore colours and patterns. The technology is now being introduced into Neiman Marcus stores in San Francisco.

Virtual reality of trying-on without fitting room

The use of interactive mirrors in shops and retail outlets lets consumers try on different outfits, match colours and patterns among many other things, and unsurprisingly has grown in a short time. Using 3-D graphics and devices to provide an experience of visual interaction, virtual reality is used in many retail shops to simulate how a cloth will look on the customer, combining different colours and styles without having to go through the stress of putting on and taking off one piece of clothing after another.

Imagine how much fitting room space and staff savings it can produce without the management of these spaces and try-on processes.

it is significant structural cost reduction for big retailers like H&M and Zara.

Sharing of images and videos with friends

The mirror technology available in Neiman Marcus stores allows in-store shoppers to capture images and videos of them trying on clothes, with them able to control a mobile app to view images of themselves at 360 degrees and share them with relatives and friends.


The sharing will allow shoppers to get acceptance from friends before purchase !

The computer simulation process involved in the virtual reality technology used by Neiman Marcus generates realistic images, sounds and various other sensations that convince users of being in a real environment. Since shoppers are looking for something that meets their demands, that represents who they are, there are so many chic styles to sort through before they are likely to be satisfied, Neiman Marcus’s use of virtual reality has saved the company the cost of employing a great number of personnel to assist customers in making the right choice that will satisfy their demand and taste.

Apart from the temporary satisfaction and pleasure gained from this experience, shoppers can easily change different types of clothing styles, thus satisfying the performance objectives of speed, reliability and flexibility. While consumers enjoy the experience, Neiman Marcus has made $5.1 billion in revenue. This use of virtual reality by Neiman Marcus produces the service satisfaction that customers want and that in turn leads to an expansion of sales.

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Interesting read! It will make shopping a lot easier and faster. This technology could work having it in the house too when shopping online.
Johnson Chau
Finding the perfect fit is never easy! I'll be keen to use this in Westfield!
Ordinary Crypto Guy
Have seen this work for glasses, interested to see it work for one's entire fit
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