Top 5 basketball movies 🍿

22 Jul 2022

So I love basketball and there have been lots of movies that show a journey of the player or team  here are my 5 favourite basketball movies ever.

At Number 5 I have Like mike. This is an enjoyable movie to watch because a young kid turns into the player in the world over night and meets all his heroes.

At number 4 I have Hustle this is a new Movie staring Adam Sandler. It’s about a street basketball player that is scouted and trained to have a chance to get drafted in the NBA but there are lots of obstacles he has to face 

At number 3 I have Uncle Drew this movie is about a team of old basketball players that use to be the best in the city and they came back to try and win the city tournament.

At number 2 I have coach carter this is one of the most inspiring movies ever the coach is very strict on his players forcing them to do things a coach usually wouldn’t. He changes the teams mentality for the better.

At number one I have The original space jam, This was a obvious choice for me it was one of the first big basketball movies made. It showed a team keep fighting when they were getting pushed down but getting back up every time.

if you have a favourite basketball let me know down below ⬇️



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Yeah I love basketball too. It's my favorite sport. Basketball movies are always top notch and I watch any one I come across. They're always Hollywood. Thanks for this recommendations ,I'm going to check them out.
south coast surfer
Nice. I actually watched Hustle with my partner tonight - it was fantastic! I wasn’t sure with Adam Sandler in it in a serious role, but he was awesome - I’d highly recommend this movie. The rest of the list is great too 🏀
good list, i haven’t seen uncle drew. One of my favourites though is amateur
I haven't seen any, and I love basketball movies. Thank you.
I love basketball 🏀🤩🤩. This all movies are amazing. This film ,like many,was a staple of my childhood.
Yes ,these were some of the best movies available
I am also a strong fan of basketball. Thank you for the movie recommendation to see some Basket Ball movies. I am definitely gonna check them out. I just hope they are available on Netflix or Showmax
Add Rise to the list. I think this one is my second favourite. It's the story of Giannis Antetokunkpo
Awesome list. Can I say that coach carter is one of my all time favourites across all movies. And I recently watched Hustle another great inspirational movie. I will check out uncle Drew too
I love "Coach Carter"