21 Aug 2022

Hello everyone! 
I'd like to introduce you to Project Hive, which can be found on Twitter at @Project_Hive_io. 
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It is a Turn-based Clan PvP bouts were the main focus of the Play to Earn game. The player will have to design a special mech avatar before entering the cybertech planet. Battles for fame, fortune, and power in unique settings will demand more than just well-planned strategies. On the Solana (SOL) network, the project is active. With approximately 25 million investments, it is a first-level advanced blockchain that was launched in 2017. 
Solan is praised by regular users for its fast data processing and inexpensive intranet transactions.
The project's team's entire openness to its community is one of its benefits. We were able to speak directly with the CEO and marketing project managers, who thoroughly addressed all of our inquiries and, in a rare instance, demonstrated a playable build of the game.
On the website, you can find information on the staff members as well as a photo; it appears that the team is working for a long-term outcome. We discovered through their Medium that they are actively attending conferences and events related to blockchain and game development.

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