It matters not

13 Jan 2023

Whether we've been friends for one or 33 years, it doesn't matter; I'm no longer here, so pay attention to what I have to say.

These words are my farewell gift to you, something to take some of the sting out of my departure.

Yes, I am giving you instructions from the hereafter, but pay attention and do as I say because I want you to be brave.

Crying, whining, or becoming irritated won't make me come back.

You must continue on your current course even though I'm sure you miss me.

Don't obsess too much over never seeing me again; just get on with your life.

Just recall all the joyful occasions we shared while we were friends.

We had a lot of fun together, and even though I'm no longer here, the memories we had will live on. You made my life full of laughter.

Some would argue that we've partied too frequently—we've been out a lot!

Not nearly enough, in my opinion, as those are some of my favorite recollections of you.

Even though we didn't say "see you later" or "goodbye," we nonetheless need to die because no one can live forever.

It will become easier as time goes by, and being overly depressed won't help.

I don't want you to be depressed because that would only enrage me.

That much is true: we don't have time to spend, and you'll probably miss me.

There is a world for you to discover, so don't sit around whining or get down on yourself.

Remember me when I was at my best, the times we joked and laughed aloud. I've made mistakes, hasn't everyone? Thinking about these is not permitted.

Do things that will make me proud and things that will make other people happy.

Keep your smile on and be a generous person who people enjoy being around.

Remember the excellent times we've shared while living your life, is the advice I give.

Just raise your glass in a salute to the fantastic moments you enjoyed with me during the holidays and on my birthday.

That's it; I'm done; I won't be giving you any more advise.

My fervent request is that you simply adhere to it exactly.

No matter how long we've been friends—whether it's one or 33—it doesn't matter.

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