$PRYZM airdrop

9 Feb 2024

New airdrop to farm for Cosmos network enthusiasts, it's @Pryzm_Zone and its token $PRYZM.

There are multiple actions to be eligible, and to help you obtain it, I'm providing all the information right away.

⭐️ What is PRYZM?

The Pryzm project is the first layer 1 blockchain dedicated to the tokenization and exchange of your future yield. To achieve this, they plan to revolutionize several sectors :

  • LSDs (Liquid staking & Restaking)
  • Yield tokenization
  • Making governance power liquid
  • Proof of liquidity and more...

⭐️ Some data about airdrop

  • ✔️ The maximum token quantity will be 1 billion
  • ✔️ 20% of this amount will be airdropped to users who delegate their tokens ($ATOM, $OSMO, $LUNA) to the PRYZM validator
  • ✔️ The snapshot is taken every week
  • ✔️ For every $1 of delegated token, the user will receive 10 $PRYZM tokens

⭐️ How to be eligible for the airdrop?

To be eligible, you will need to perform a certain number of actions, as well as hold tokens like $ATOM, $OSMO & $LUNA.
Here is all the information I could gather about eligibility:

  • ✔️ Stake your $ATOM, $OSMO, and $LUNA tokens with a PRYZM validator
  • ✔️ Mint cLUNA tokens
  • ✔️ Participate in the testnet & mainnet
  • ✔️ Be one of the most active/profitable traders on the DEX
  • ✔️ Provide liquidity to the DEX

A note on delegating your tokens to PRYZM. When staking, you can use the "redelegate" function to change validators without having to wait for the unstaking period.
Personally, I think you shouldn't move all your tokens. Everyone is free to choose, but I suggest moving a small portion of your capital to avoid missing out on potential future airdrops on Cosmos.

⭐️ Using the testnet

You will need to connect your wallet and then perform the various possible actions:

  • ✔️ Exchange tokens (USDC to SIM, USDC to cSIM)
  • ✔️ Stake $PRYZM to any validator.
  • ✔️ Create a pulse trade & flow trade
  • ✔️ Add liquidity
  • ✔️ Delegate tokens
  • ✔️ Deposit assets, etc.

That's all !

  1. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ELUDRFnQhVCUhs0sWOzuoRIl0MrNIXZgH_E1Tt6tg5U/
  2. https://t.me/FreeMagicMoney
  3. https://testnet.pryzm.zone/
  4. https://testnet.pryzm.zone/faucet

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