What kind of country is Thailand?

27 Jan 2023

Thailand is a good country. It not only has enviable scenery, but also has Buddhist grand scenes everywhere. It is a very beautiful country, and it is worth our visit to see different scenery.

Thailand Capital: Bangkok, Thailand Land area: 513,120 square kilometers, population: 64.5 million, the main ethnic groups in the territory: Thai, Lao, Malay, Khmer and other ethnic groups, Thailand is a multi-ethnic country. Thailand is divided into five districts, seventy-seven provinces and one municipality. Main language: Thai. The four most important cities in Thailand: Bangkok: 13.7 million, Phuket: 1.75 million, Chiang Mai: 1.728 million, Chiang Rai: 1.1297 million. From the perspective of land area and population, Thailand is a large country. The overall economic situation of this country is good, and it can be regarded as a relatively developed country.

Thailand economy:

Thailand economic volume in Southeast Asia is second only to Indonesia. It can be said that the overall economic situation is not bad. In 2018, the national GDP was: 504.993 billion US dollars and the per capita GDP was: 7,274 US dollars. Thailand foreign exchange reserves ranks tenth in the world, from which it can be seen that Thailand economy has strong economic capacity, and the country is capable enough to cope with irresistible factors in times of crisis.

Thailand economy is dominated by the service industry, which accounts for 55% of the national GDP. In addition, agriculture, fishery, real estate, tourism Industries etc., occupy different proportions in the national economy. It can be said that the diversified economy has contributed to the high development of Thailand economy.

Some things about Thailand:

1. Most people in Thailand believe in Buddhism, and some man become a monk in his life. Parents believe that a child who becomes a monk can bring great blessings to the family.

2. When playing in Thailand, you must not touch the head of the child because this is a sign of being close to the child.

3. In Thailand, you don’t need to worry about language problems, because many people in this country also speak English, and the local tourism industry is very developed, and both young and old can speak English.

4. No matter whether it is shopping malls or the restaurants, they only sell wine at the specified time, from 12:00 to 14:00 p.m, and from 17:00 to 24:00 p.m, if you want to buy wine at other times then you must wait to the next day.

5. Thailand is located in the tropics, with high temperature and humid temperature, which is very suitable for fruit production. In this country, mangoes, mangosteens taste is so good and many people who have been to Thailand always love to bought fruit.

6. If the king travels in Thailand, most of the Thai people will stop to show respect for the king. If a tourist encounters this situation, they only need to bow their heads or silently exit from the crowd.

7. The traffic in Thailand is not very good. You must tell the driver about the price before getting on the bus, otherwise the driver may charge you more.

8. In addition, you need to tip waiters when you live in a hotel in Thailand, generally 20 baht is enough, you don't need to give too much. At the same time, when tipping, it should be banknotes, not coins.

9. Thai people are very easy to get along with, most of the people in Thailand are warm, friendly, kind and laughing.

10. Thai food is deeply influenced by Eastern and Western cultures, thus forming the Thai flavor. The main ingredients of Thai food come from seafood, fruits and vegetables. Their tastes are very special. They are divided into five flavors: sour, spicy, salty, sweet and bitter.

11. Durian is not only popular among Thai people, but also many asian people like to eat durian. Durian is very suitable for production in tropical and rainy areas.


Thailand is a very interesting country, not only has its own cultural characteristics, but also has a different way of life, coupled with a unique flavor of food, comfortable scenery, and pleasant atmosphere, which attracts many people.

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