Cyclical coincident indicator of the euro area economy

12 Feb 2024

Cyclical coincident indicator of the euro area economy (€-coin)

€-coin is a cyclical coincident indicator of euro-area economic activity that is updated in real time and released monthly. As such, it offers a monthly and timely estimate of the current state of the economy, free of short-term fluctuations.
The indicator draws on a large number of economic variables (industrial production, business surveys, stock market and financial data, demand indicators, and more) and extracts the information needed for forecasting medium- to long-term GDP growth.
It is published in collaboration with the Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR).

€-coin declines in January

  • In January, €-coin fell again (to -0.56, from -0.22 in December).

The decline was mainly due to the weakness in demand indicators and to worsening consumer confidence.

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