Funny gotya

12 May 2023

Karthik of Visputra will not be a boy. He examined all his organs, appendages and private parts. As the wife might have been possessed by someone, she was examined by a female doctor similar to him from above, below and in the middle. Report of both is OK. came Then his father scolded Karthik. Yedya, you are missing something. Oh, even though I had an operation, the baby was born. You were born after your mother installed 'Tambi'. Oh my gosh! As the wives of our clan gave birth to twenty Porasoras, we became Vispute twenty sons. And you can't have a son? Karthik was very angry. He vowed half the night to Khandoba, Bhairoba, Maruti, Mother Mary, Hantaswar Mahadeva, Rama, Krishna and Narada. Get rid of the coos today.

Every year I will come to your yatra in a Rolls-Royce car. But you should arrange the car, why! Karthik's Kamini was shocked. Seeing the 'power' of the night, she felt the 'key', and realized that something had happened without knowing it, there was a border, there was a dinner party, Kamini went home. And a son was born on exactly nine months, nine days, nine hours, nine minutes and nine seconds. Jaggery and saffron were distributed in the village. The boy who used to laugh at him. To move the limbs and to strike quickly. When he came home, Karthik's father had a feast. Father said, "Cheyla, the boy seems to be restless!" He was named 'Ananta' but everyone called him 'Gotya' because he was as agile as a Goat, with a glossy complexion. His qualities were something else. He used to laugh or cry. Gotu was now six years old. One day we will be "Maan Na Maan, Mai Tera Meheman". The guest came, he did not go. Then Gotya remained in his service. Gotya started asking them no or no questions. Gotya asked, "Hey guest uncle, all the hair on your head is black, there is no eye cover, that is, no glasses. Ears intact, no windows in the tooth. Now tell me how you were born! It happened with a vow! What did your parents do that you came here in such a state? What is the secret of your birth?" The visitor said, "No one has ever asked me such questions about birth. Dad, I was asleep when I was born. I don't remember anything." A guest was given a tube to brush and the goitre spread, and the guest became nauseous after washing his mouth. His teeth clenched, his lips pursed.

The mouth turned red like a monkey. Gotya's grandfather was saying furiously. Kartikala. Oh, Avaladi Kart is yours. A red tube of oil paint from your petting box was given to the guest to wash his face. He has become a visitor. Now he has to give kerosene to wash his mouth. Oh, the other day I put a tube of Favicol in my shaving box instead of soap paste. I slapped my face. Sala is not ready to shed a single hair. All hair, beard, fit, became thick. Such is this Gotya. His pranks are terrible. He has redeemed the poor. Once his maternal uncle came. He used to say it goes. His mother said to Gotya. Oh, tell Mama to wait. So Gotya said, "Let's see how it goes" and gave hot masala milk to Mama. Four tablets of Pargoliax powder were given in milk as cardamom powder. In half an hour, Mama took the road to Sandasa. Go in, come out. After doing twenty-five yerzaras, finally the poor man sat inside after being tired. The bridegroom asks him. Mama, do you want to go? As Mama goes, his guts are washed clean. He said to himself, "Gotya, oh! Your tank is running out of water, bring a bucket of water". I had to give them water. His mother giggles and says "Our son is as mischievous as Krishna". The full tiffin boxes brought by the teachers to the school are a mere charm to the monks. Secretly writes on the board. which increases food to the poor. He gets a palace-car! Hey Karthik! Gotya is very logical. You were not at home and he did the social group test. All the mothers-in-law in the street were informed by their own grandson that 'Antoba Swami' (meaning Gotuch) had arrived. In the morning at Bhairoba's temple, 6 to 7 mantras will be chanted, "to bring Sunela to Vathani". And the cousin informed all the daughters-in-law that Antoba Swami is going to give the mantra at 8 to 9 am to "bring the mother-in-law to Vathani" come secretly and leave happily.

The next morning, this crowd of mothers-in-law came to Bhairoba's temple, all the old, elderly mothers-in-law came in a hurry. Antoba Swami came to the burqa with a sigh and said, listen, your son's favorite thing in the world is his wife. Pamper your daughter-in-law, even Bemun, don't call her Dwad. If she is happy, there will be happiness in the house and if she is hurt, you will be hurt. Pamper her with curls. The tree of love in Lad, the fruit blossoms on the tree, the shadow in its leaf, do the same Maya. Do this for a month. Look, daughter-in-law will bow down and say "You are not mother-in-law, you are mother" Om Jai Jagat! On the third day at 8 o'clock all the platoon of Soonbai. Bhairoba's Temple Housefull. Swami came, like an angel in white silk robes. Said, girls! You are a gold mine that gives the world a new generation. You are the one who gave birth to Rama-Krishna but the owner of the mine is your mother-in-law's son. She is his holy loving, selfless mother. From her, he is a fish out of water. How long is her life? You can enhance it by sprinkling it with love water. Think of her mistakes as your dumbass taken by the husband. So you will feel like eating dry fruits. Do this vow for one month, your mother-in-law will become a mother and take your mouth, in a month your street will be named 'Myleki' street and Karthik said... Baba, the fruit of the vow of seventeen Gods is 'Gotu'. He is not restless. The inner knower is a divine being. From today we are not alone but together. Astu....

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