Is Dork Lord the Next Pepe? Exploring the DORKL Meme Coin

12 Mar 2024

There’s a new twist to the old but rather famous quote, “Luke, I am your father,” and it goes like this: “PEPE, I am your father!” This new quote is the tagline of one of the latest meme coin projects, Dork Lord. As such, it seems like the creators of the Dork Lord meme coin project are huge fans of both meme coins and the Star Wars franchise by mixing the two concepts. But after the project’s token – DORKL – took a massive dive, now sitting 95% below its ATH, it’s unclear whether this project will thrive in the upcoming bull run. So, let’s take a closer look at this Dork Lord crypto project and determine if it has any potential to pull off a massive price rally.

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Before we look closer at the Dork Lord crypto project and its DORKL token, we need to share some words of wisdom. Please keep in mind that meme coins are primarily about having fun. So, approach the DORKL meme coin with that kind of mindset. That said, many traders and investors, particularly during the 2023 memecoin season, have pocketed some impressive profits from meme-based tokens. As such, it makes no sense for profit-seeking altcoin investors not to consider investing in meme coins. This is especially true if a new meme coin pays tribute to a famous movie franchise and a comic book artist. And even more so if it is trending on the market’s leading on-chain analysis platform, highlighted in the latest Altcoin Advantage issue.


First, we’ll quickly compare the DORKL token with the PEPE coin and try to answer if the Dork Lord meme coin is the new PEPE. Next, we’ll explore the Dork Lord crypto project by analyzing the project’s official website, socials, and more. 
With the project’s basics under our belts, we’ll be ready to take a closer look at the DORKL token. So, we’ll check out the asset’s tokenomics and determine whether it has any tangible utility.
However, the most interesting part of today’s article for us altcoin traders will be the price analysis of Dork Lord’s DORKL token. This is where you’ll get to see what levels the DORKL meme coin has covered so far. We’ll also use the basics of technical analysis (TA) to outline Dork Lord price levels. As a bonus, we’ll even toss in some speculative price predictions for $DORKL.
Next, we’ll explain how Moralis Money can help you decide if/when to buy the Dork Lord crypto asset for a profit. And for those of you who may decide to buy this meme coin, we’ll also ensure you know where and how to do so. 

DORKL vs. PEPE: Is Dork Lord (DORKL) the New Pepe?

Note: Following the launch of the DORKL token, someone already created the “PEPE VS DORKL” ($PERKL) token. This just tells you that the comparison between the two meme coins surfaces naturally. 
There are several reasons why it makes sense to compare the Dork Lord crypto token to PEPE. First, the memes behind these tokens – Pepe the Frog and Dork Lord – are Matt Furie’s creations.
Second, since the PEPE token has been the most successful meme coin of 2023 so far, it’s totally natural for every new meme coin with the potential to be compared to PEPE. This is also where the “Is DORKL token the new PEPE?” question comes from.

Similarities and Dissimilarities Between the Dork Lord Meme Coin and PEPE

As mentioned above, the first important similarity between the two meme coins is that they both pay tribute to (or use as a mascot) memes created by Matt Furie. In this regard, the Pepe the Frog meme has a much longer history and was a well-known, arguably the most popular, internet meme long before the PEPE token went live.
On the other hand, Dork Lord’s history is a lot shorter, and, in turn, this meme’s popularity. In fact, the most significant spotlight for Dork Lord took place about the same time as the DORKL meme coin went live when Matt Furie tweeted the image for Dork Lord:
It is important to point out that according to the information on PEPE’s and DORKL’s official website, there’s no affiliation between Matt Furie and the two projects.
Another similarity between the two tokens is their purely memetic nature. Plus, they also use the same “.vip” domain extension, and they both have anonymous teams. Moreover, both tokens live on the Ethereum chain and follow the most popular standard for fungible tokens – ERC-20.
However, the assets are very different when looking at their tokenomics, especially their total token supply metrics. There are more than 420 trillion instances of $PEPE tokens out there, while there are only one billion DORKL tokens. We’ll take a closer look at the Dork Lord crypto’s tokenomics later on.  

Let’s Cut to the Chase: Can the Dork Lord Price Surpass That of PEPE?  

Due to the much lower total supply of the DORKL meme coin, the asset launched at a price nearly as high as PEPE’s ATH. So, the approach to compare the Dork Lord price with the PEPE price per token is not the way to go. Instead, we need to look at both assets’ market caps.
So, the above question should be, “Can DORKL’s market cap surpass PEPE’s?
At the time of writing, PEPE’s market cap sits slightly above $240 million. However, the asset’s all-time high (ATH) market cap in early May 2023 sits at $1.44 billion. On the other hand, DORKL’s market cap sits at $1.2 million at the time of writing.
So, the value difference between the two assets is obviously huge. However, that doesn’t mean that $DORKL can’t reach the same heights or even surpass PEPE. However, if the DORKL price were to increase, PEPE would likely increase as well, making it harder for DORKL’s market cap to surpass it.
The truth is that no one can answer the above question. Only time will tell how high DORKL can go.

Exploring the Dork Lord Project – What is Dork Lord?

The Dork Lord project is a new meme coin crypto project that launched its DORKL token on September 5, 2023.
Biased as it may be, the Dork Lord crypto project’s official website is the best place to explore this meme coin project. As you can see in the above screenshot, the site greets us with an image of a vast universe and a button/clickable text stating: “ENTER SITE.”
This sight already indicates that there might be some Star Wars referencing going on. And after clicking on “ENTER SITE,” one gets to confirm these expectations. After all, this click triggers a Star Wars-like intro, which covers what the Dork Lord crypto is all about. Of course, it does so in a memetic manner.
Once the above-outlined intro passes, we land on the project’s homepage. However, just seconds later, a popup appears, telling visitors that the project pays tribute to Matt Furie’s Dork Lord:

Dork Lord Meme Coin Homepage and Community

After closing the above-presented popup, “” visitors get to see a unique one-page website. The latter uses a short introduction to the Dork Lord crypto project, explaining that it is the ultimate meme coin sensation. The site also offers some core information about the Dork Lord meme coin’s tokenomics, which we’ll cover below. 
At the top of the project’s homepage, we find links to the DORKL token’s X account and Telegram group. These two outlets allow anyone to join the project’s community, which goes by the name Dork Army. 

What is the DORKL Meme Coin?

The DORKL meme coin is a crypto token that pays tribute to Matt Furie’s Dork Lord meme. The token went live on September 5, 2023, on the Ethereum chain. Furthermore, it follows the ERC-20 token standard, which means it is a fungible cryptocurrency.

Dork Lord (DORKL) Crypto Tokenomics

  • Symbol/ticker: DORKL or $DORKL
  • Network: Ethereum
  • Token Type: ERC-20
  • Smart contract address: 0x94be6962be41377d5beda8dfe1b100f3bf0eacf3
  • The contract has been renounced
  • Minting timestamp: September 5, 2023, at 08:05:11 PM (+UTC)
  • Total supply: 1,000,000,000 $DORKL  
  • Initial token distribution:
    • 97% to the $DORKL Uniswap liquidity pool
    • 3% to a multi-sig wallet for future CEX listings, bridges, and LPs

Dork Lord Meme Coin Use Cases

As pointed out at the top of the article, meme coins are all about fun, memetics, and communities. And while some meme coins may eventually offer some specific use cases, it is in their nature not to have any utility, at least initially.
DORKL is the same; the Dork Lord meme coin has no particular use cases. However, as with any other cryptocurrency, you can HODL or trade $DORKL as much as you please. 

Dork Lord Price Performance – Full DORKL Token Price Analysis

The chart above presents the entire Dork Lord price activity on the hourly timeframe, and you can clearly see the initial price rally. The Dork Lord crypto token skyrocketed from its listing price at around $0.000001751 to its current ATH at $0.021-ish in less than two days. That explosive increase of nearly 12,000x even surpassed PEPE’s initial growth, which needed four days to increase the same.
However, unlike PEPE, whose initial pump was followed by a short-lived 65% correction, the price of the Dork Lord meme coin plummeted more heavily. Following the two tops just above $0.021, the DORKL price decreased by more than 85% in just 27 hours.
After that sharp dump that found the bottom at $0.0028-ish, the token’s value bounced back to $0.006-ish. However, it wasn’t able to break above that level. Instead, it returned to the aforementioned low and went even lower, finding new support at $0.0024-ish.
From that new local low, the DORKL token pulled off another 200%-plus rally, reaching previous significant price levels at $0.0081-ish. That level now served as resistance, which, after reaching it, sent the price back down to $0.0039-ish. From there, $DORKL bounced back towards $0.0081-ish for yet another rejection on September 12, 2023.
Since then, the DORKL meme coin has been in a clear downtrend. On the token’s way down, its previous price levels offered some support. However, eventually, they all caved. At the time of writing, the Dork Lord crypto asset is finding support on top of $0.0011-ish.
The selling pressure seems to be reducing, so the aforementioned low may hold. However, it’s worth pointing out that $0.0011 is still more than 628x above the asset’s listing price.

Basic $DORKL TA and Future Price Speculations

If you look at the above four-hour chart, you can see all the significant price levels for the DORKL meme coin so far. We’ve intentionally used the logarithmic scale this time so you can see how high above the listing price the current asset’s value is.
That scale also indicates a clear downsloping trend line (white line) currently being tested. So, if the price manages to break above that trendline and the trading volume for $DORKL can increase, the Dork Lord price could revisit the above level of significance.
As such, these levels mentioned are the most likely price targets for $DORKL in the case of an uptrend.
It’s really impossible to say what the chances are of DORKL following in the footsteps of the most successful meme coins. However, it is possible for the DORKL meme coin to follow suit in the upcoming bull run. As such, below, we highlight some prices that DORKL would print if it were to match the ATH market caps of PEPE, SHIB, and DOGE:

  • $1.44 (based on PEPE’s ATH market cap) 
  • $43.51 (based on SHIB’s ATH market cap)
  • $82.36 (based on DOGE’s ATH market cap)  

Should You Buy DORKL?

If your financial situation and risk tolerance allow you to trade meme coins, DORKL may deserve your attention. And the above sections should be more than enough to help you decide if you should explore this token further.
If yes, make sure to research this cryptocurrency properly with Moralis Money’s $DORKL token page. On that page, you can find all the links and tools to make an informed decision regarding the above question. 
Particularly useful are the token’s real-time, on-chain metrics (a.k.a. alpha metrics). After all, in combination with the token’s price, they enable you to determine if now’s the right time to buy or if you should wait for a better time.
With that in mind, make sure to follow the above “$DORKL” link or use the interactive widget below to properly research the DORKL meme coin.

Where and How to Buy the Dork Lord ($DORKL) Meme Coin?

If you look at the above-presented page properly, you’ll notice the instant crypto swap feature. This is the best place to buy the Dork Lord crypto token.
But why is that so?
Well, first of all, the swap is right there on the same page where you are researching the token. Second, it offers an extremely user-friendly interface. Third, it is safe and eliminates the chance of landing on the wrong trading pair. Plus, thanks to the 1inch aggregator, it offers you the best available price.
Now, how can you buy the Dork Lord crypto? Well, with Moralis Money, it couldn’t be any simpler. Just connect your Web3 wallet, select the asset you want to use to buy $DORKL, enter the amount, and execute the swap. 
The following animation should further clarify the above-listed steps. However, in case you need additional guidance, we recommend checking out our guide on how to swap ERC-20 tokens

Is Dork Lord the Next Pepe? Exploring the DORKL Meme Coin – Key Takeaways

  • There are several reasons why the crypto realm compares the DORKL token with PEPE. For one, the memes behind these coins have the same author. 
  • The Dork Lord crypto project is all about the DORKL meme coin.
  • $DORKL’s price pumped by approximately 12,000x in the first two days of trading.
  • Following the initial pump, DORKL lost more than 90% of its ATH value. 
  • Only time will tell how high can $DORKL go.
  • To determine if/when to buy the Dork Lord meme coin, use Moralis Money’s $DORKL token page.
  • On that page, you can also buy DORKL without breaking a sweat or the bank.

Whatever you decide to do with $DORKL, don’t forget about other altcoin opportunities. After all, thousands of alts have a solid potential for large profits, and the average altcoin tends to increase by 50-70x during a bull market.
So, it’s important that you learn how to find tokens before they pump sooner rather than later. Doing so before the next bull run takes off improves your chances of pocketing large profits. 
Fortunately, Moralis Money’s core feature – Token Explorer – serves that purpose. It lets you find the next coin to blow up in just a few clicks. And you get to do so across all the leading blockchain networks, including EthereumBNB ChainPolygonArbitrum, and several others. 
Although Token Explorer is free, to spot the best altcoin opportunities on all the lower timeframes, you’ll want to lock in the Starter or Pro plan. With either the Starter or Pro plan, it’s your time to become a successful crypto trader!

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