The drive (part 2)

24 Aug 2022

We got to 'Jaymes Carter Bars' just about 7 blocks down my apartment. That happens to be Philip's usual spot. When we got in, I went straight to the corner of the bar as there was an empty table there while Philip went straight to the counter. He ordered some shots of tequila and Defid Vodka. Joining me at the table, I told him I didn't think it was a good idea since he was driving and I hadn't gotten my license yet.
"Calm your nerves", he said. "I got this, I'm not a light drinker and weakling like you".
I wasn't okay with this but sure, he had a lot of experiences with the liquor. I believed he could handle 'a couple of shots '.
But I wish I knew better than that 


This story was engineered to build your anticipation and keep you in suspense for the remaining parts

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Part 3 tomorrow