How powerful was Ego.

12 Jun 2022

There are many powerful character in Marvel universe who have potential to destroy planet , Galaxy and even universe. Having such superpower doesn't always been with the right person. So ,there are most powerful superhero and supervillain in marvel comics.

Ego was one of them ,Ego is a celestial and biological parent of Peter Quill. He is fully named as "Ego yhe living planet " . He has humanoid structure in looks. Ego actually wants to rebrand the whole universe with hos will so he travels across many planet to have children . He travels there and made love to some women and have Everytime he does he failed but was successful for Peter Quill. When he met finally met his son after long time ,he decided to kill himself but as hos son already knew that he killed her mother and his true identity ,he killed Ego. Ego was so powerful ,it took the whole guardian to destroy him with so much equipment , weapons and udea to destroy his core brain. 

He has almost any powers as anyone could potentially think but his weakness was that if someone find his core brain and blasts it he would eventually dies.
This character has leading supervillain role in Guardian of the Galaxy volume 1.

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