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26 Jan 2023

Mesh is a group of people who want to create a fair and transparent future. Mesh community builds in bottom-up and non-hierarchical ways. There is no central team; everything is driven through community and some rules. Here, you can learn, contribute and earn with like-minded people and be at the forefront of the web3 revolution. At Mesh, you earn contribution points as you contribute. These contribution points will be used to reward contributors with protocol tokens and NFTs in the future. Contribution NFTs will be your on-chain proof of your contribution, which will unlock more benefits in the future. How to start? Some ways in which you can contribute are listed below. Share your skills and interests andundefinedundefined and mention how you would like to contribute. Problem Solvers - Fit for generalists, thinkers, team players, responsible and accountable people. Problem areas include Protocol Growth, DAO building, Process design, etc.

Ideators - share ideas, suggestions on different problem statements Executioners: take specific tasks in a project Managers - own and lead a project/problem statement

Community Managers

People who can actively help and engage with other people on Discord, create a friendly environment, maintain energy and create good vibes.

Force Wielders:

Fit for people who can spread awareness about Mesh products to the rest of the ecosystem. Folks like - Crypto Twitter | Blog Writers | Youtubers | KOLs | Memelords -


People who can help write public docs, Twitter threads, blogs, copy-writing(for marketing materials website), and translate existing content on official channels.


Website Development using React Smart contracts using Cairo creating bots to make things easier for the community


UI/UX (Website Design/App Design) Illustrations/sketches/Stickers/Emojis Marketing materials (Banners/Poster) Animation Videos Creative memes (not general memes)

Check out the rewards system for different types of contribution:

Write & Read to Earn with BULB

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