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12 Feb 2024

There's a project I've been eagerly anticipating for quite some time, and I'm confident it's going to be a huge success: @Persona_Journey.

Joining is free and simple

  1. Go to the relevant page https://tinyurl.com/persona-journey
  2. Complete the necessary steps by talking to the chatbot from the "Whitelist Access" button below (connecting Twitter, adding wallet, etc.)
  3. From the Activity tab, do any task you want and collect points.

Their goal is to create a groundbreaking collection of avatars at the heart of the next-level gaming ecosystem and get you involved in gaming with web3.

This project revolves around the Anime Avatar collection by @Unagi_studio. For those who might not be familiar, Unagi is a Web3-based platform developed by the team behind one of the most popular sports card games, @UltiChamps.

Backed by significant investors like Binance Labs and Polygon (formerly known as Matic) with a $12.5 million investment, Unagi Studio's Anime Avatar collection promises to be a game-changer in the NFT space.

The aim of this collection is to create avatars that can be used in conjunction with other games they will release.

Judging by the team's track record and the community they've built for Persona so far, they seem more than capable of achieving this goal. To get on the Whitelist, there are a few steps you can take right now.

The most crucial one is to fill out the Whitelist form on their website and complete all the tasks in the "Activity" section. This demonstrates your engagement with the project's community and gives you an early advantage.

Persona Journey is a project that pushes the boundaries of blockchain technology and the virtual world. I have full confidence in its success and believe it holds immense potential for the future. Therefore, it's important to seize this exciting opportunity without hesitation. #airdrop #NFT

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