My favourite Superhero movies

15 Jul 2022

I have watched almost all movies of superheroes in from hollywood and bollywood (India). Superhero movies basically involves the stopping the universe of planets from great threats and dangers. There are many movies. Let's have list of my favourite ones.

1) Avenger Infinity and Endgame : Basically this movies introduces us great level of threats, where almost all superheroes fights aganist Thanos and every details and sequence was tremendously good to watch.
2) Thor - Ragnarok : Thor Ragnarok is most probably well balanced movies with action, comedy and other sequences. Hela, Loki, Thor , Valkerryine all perfromed well and this movie is greater joy to watch.
3) Dark-knight triliolgy : This is also one of the movies with perfect directions ,castings and so on. Joker and Batman combo was always great to watch on screen with lots of fun , thriller and how Joker treated Batman with his psychopath.
4)Spiderman , Sam Raimi's : It's probably one of the movies where almost every one had watched since their beginging journey's. This movies in back 2001-2003 was almost gem.
5)Captain America :Civil War :  This movie directed by same Russo brothers was masterpeice where Captain America and Iron Man's team fought each others because of  Sokovia Accords and many others. This movies has multi-cast heroes including Black panther.
6) Man of Steel and Aquaman :  This movies are actually blessing to watch on screen with lots of action. Aquaman was great to see beacuse of ocean and sea kindgom to explore. And Superman is always greater ti watch.
7)Batman VS Superman : This movie is actaully great as Batman turn aganist Superman because of damage in city during fights with General God and Superman's fights.
8) Krish : Well, krish is indian superhero who got powers from his father and his father got same magical being known by 'Jadhu'. This movies is also greater to watch with full actions and Hrithik Roshan acting level. Well, dancing is always at great level on Indian movies and on top of that it's Hrithik Roshan.

For today , this much in my mind. Maybe , I could have forget to mention some other best movies . Comment your favourite ones.

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Orthodox 🔶
my favorite superhero movie is thor -Ragnarok most balanced movie with lot of action and comedy
My favorite superheroes movies is superman. Because the way he use to climn and
Nice article
One of my favourites is Captain America: Civil War. Great list
best of super hero
My favorite superheroes movie is Deadpool
My favourite also 😊
When I used to be child at that time there was a really a great superhero movies 🎥 . I really can't remember the name of the movie. But it was mind blowing show at that time