FTX And Opensea Hit $32 Billion And $13.3 Billion Respectively In Forbes Fintench List

8 Jun 2022
FTX and Opensea tops Forbes list

With a whooping valuation of $32 billion, Sam Bankman-Fried’s crypto exchange and trading platform FTX, outranked other crypto fintechs to take the lead. The Bahamas based crypto exchange raised a $500 million fund earlier this year which took its valuation to $32 billion.
NFT marketplace, Opensea, valued at $13.3 billion, is seen on the list for the first time and comes second among the nine crypto firms on the list. Opensea continues to dominate the NFT marketplace with over 1.5 million accounts having transacted on the platform.
Other crypto fintechs that makes the Fintech 50 list are; Alchemy valued at $10.2 billion, AVA labs native token Avax market cap stands at $8.5 billion, Chainalysis latest valuation is $8.6 billion, Circle, creator of USDC is currently valued at $9 billion among others.
Despite the bear run and the bloody losses suffered lately following the crash of the Terra ecosystem and huge selloffs in the crypto space, it seems crypto firms are still holding their own and cementing the general strength of crypto in Fintech.

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