How men can overcome low sex drive –Urologist

3 Sept 2022

An expert in health has advised men who experience low sex drive to consult professionals to determine the underlying reason of the disease, saying that if the cause is identified, reduced sex desire is frequently treatable.
The most frequent cause of reduced sex drive in men, according to urologist Dr. Gabriel Ogah, is frequently a decline in the testosterone hormone's activity. According to the expert, a guy would have a very low and diminished desire for sex when the quantity of this hormone diminishes. He claimed that the production of testosterone in the testicles is essential to normal male sexual development and activities.

Testosterone is a crucial male hormone, according to the online health resource Healthline. It's primarily made in men's testicles. It is in charge of increasing bone density, muscular mass, and sperm production. Your sex drive is also influenced by your testosterone levels. Your desire for sex falls as your testosterone levels do. Age-related testosterone decline is a typical aspect of aging. However, a sharp decline in testosterone might cause a reduction in libido.
If you think this might be a problem for you, talk to your doctor. To raise your testosterone levels, you might be able to take pills or gels, it suggested.
He continued, "There are numerous causes for guys to have a low sex drive. Alcoholism is one of these. Men who consume large amounts of alcohol may go through this. As some medications used to treat the illness may produce reduced sex desire, a man who has high blood pressure and is on medication could experience this. Low sex drive can also result from other medical disorders, such as diabetes mellitus, obesity, and arthritis.

Men who have cardiac issues may also have decreased sex drive. You are aware of how active sex is. A man with heart issues will be sweating and lack the energy to carry out proper sexual activities. Such a man might not be enthusiastic. 
The urologist said that some mental health issues, such depression, may also contribute to a man's lack of desire in sex.
"A person may stop wanting to have sex if he or she is depressed, too. There are many causes of depression in Nigeria today, including insecurity and the country's economic downturn. According to him, people who are afraid for their lives, lack food or employment, or live in poverty that they feel they shouldn't be in cannot be interested in sex and have low sex drives.
The consultant urologist observed that several medications used to treat depression in individuals can also lessen their desire for sex.

Ogah responded when asked if there were any natural remedies for increasing a man's sex drive: "There are natural things people can use to improve their sex drive, noting that nutritionists can counsel those with the condition on what could help them.
But if a diet adjustment did not result in the desired alteration, he advised patients with the problem to contact a doctor.

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