Midnight Decisions

30 Jun 2022

Every night as I lay in my bed
I fall into a river of thoughts flowing in my head

I ponder over most of them
Some thoughts becomes a problem

And without considerations
I settle on harsh decisions

I once decided;

That never again will I love
Because I wasn't good at that stuff

To always avoid the only isolated lad; Evans
Because of what I heard about him
Whereas he's just a victim of circumstance
Perhaps a discriminated human being

That I'll judge people based on looks
Forgetting that none created themselves
Oh! what I bad path that I took
As if for a day, I can be someone else

That after my misunderstanding with Taofeek
The conversation between us will end
But I just heard he died last week
Meaning we can't settle our dispute again

After all, there's one thing I understand
Laziness and procrastination were my bedfellows
So I kept rescheduling my plans
Because of my belief in a thousand tomorrows

These were decisions from a poisoned mind
And I regret them wholeheartedly
I only wish to go back in time
To correct my wrongs, set my conscience free

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Art at its peak if you ask me so please don't ask me 😅
Decisions from a poisoned mind
This reminds me of a song I heard years ago by Sia. The title was similar to the one of this poem. This was beautiful just like your other works
Decisions from a poisoned mind. Wow, this deep
you discussed good topic dear
This poem was inspired by Sia - Midnight Decisions