Financial Submission is Mental Submission, Rather Than Physical

27 Nov 2023

Financial Domination, often shortened to the term "findom" is correlated and under the umbrella of BDSM while not quite fitting the typical mold of it.

While the Dominant and submissive roles within the kink align with your typical BDSM practices, much of "bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, sadism and masochism" ties physical submission heavily into its pathos. The physical aspects of traditional BDSM manifest as support to the mental submission and domination involved. Physical repercussions accrue from a failure to submit or highlight the extent of the submission.

Findom is often conflated with traditional dominance and submission, and since Findom traditionally celebrates the Divine Nature of women through monetary tribute, primarily from men, we will focus in on how Findom and Femdom (Female Domination via BDSM practices) overlap and intersect while still holding their own distinct traits.

Findom runs alongside Femdom, in most cases. It became an integrated part of the Femdom practice when submissives would gift their Dominants new toys to play with, would cover luxuries for their Dominants while traveling, or would involve the submissive taking care of the Dominant with acts such as not only serving them dinner but paying for it. The two have become so intertwined that the popularity of Findom is often confused with Femdom. Findommes often advertise sessions of Femdom as part of what they do. Those who aren't intimately familiar with the roles of both components don't realize that Findom isn't merely the aspect of paying for a Femdomme service. That's simply paying for a service, sometimes referred to as Pay2Play/Pay to Play Femdomme.

Findom is extremely simple and yet so difficult to understand by those who aren't part of the kink. It is the act of a submissive monetarily gifting a Dominant and expecting nothing in return as the beginning and end of their D/s dynamic. It is an act of worship, of devotion, much like cultures of years past built temples and shrines for their Gods. Findom is the art of paying a Dommes for existing. Of paying for her coffee as you aren't there to purchase, make, and serve it. It is the art of submitting from afar merely for the pleasure of submitting.

Financial submission to a Financial Dominatrix (referred to as a Findomme) is an art of mental submission. It does not in and of itself require kneeling, require being on the receiving end of sadism. Not all finsubs enjoy being demeaned or even praised. Many Financial Submissives (Finsubs) don't even want acknowledgment (they are often called Silent Senders, as they merely send money without ever reaching out). The money is not in exchange for anything, it doesn't come with any strings beyond that moment of showing appreciation, gratitude, and monetary submission to a women for her mere existence.

Findom and Femdom often work together, especially for professionals in the field, but they are two distinct practices with distinct methods of arousal and satisfaction. Femdom has components of mental submission, but more heavily relies on physical ones.

Findom is entirely mental. It is an act of service. It is a luxury kink because being able to afford to send money with no expectations of "return on investment" is in and of itself a luxury. Findom submissives are often people of power and wealth who enjoy momentarily submitting by providing financial gain to another for their own sexual pleasure, without the recipient participating in anything other than existing. Nudes aren't necessary. Traditionally sexual posts or content aren't necessary (though consent, as always, is very necessary). Many Findommes don't post anything that isn't PG, but they are aware that the person sending them money is getting off to the pleasure their Dominant gets in seeing those numbers go up. In seeing how much more they have to spend or save or do with as they please. It's all in that moment of mental submission that takes over your mind and body and allows you to give up something you have earned or saved to another simply for the pleasure of hitting "send" in the checkout of a payment method.

It's exhilarating. It's intoxicating. It's impossible to fully understand if it's not your particular kink.

It doesn't have to be.
It doesn't invalidate the kink. It doesn't mean you have to participate.
It does mean that if you choose to engage with a Findomme, you will understand what you are consenting to--financial, mental domination-- unless otherwise discussed or presented and agreed to beforehand.

Terms review:

Findom: Financial domination as an encompassing kink or ideology
Findomme: a Financial Dominant
Finsub: a Financial Submissive
Femdom: Female Domination as an encompassing kink or ideology
Femdomme: a Female Dominant
BDSM: bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, sadism and masochism
Pay2Play (p2p): Service-based submission. A submissive pays to experience being dominated by a practicing Dominant.
Tribute: A gift or offering of monetary value to a Dominant with no expectation of any return.

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What a fascinating blog about BDSM. I not into BDSM at all but that makes it even more fascinating to read about it. I never heard of Findom before either but I can see how it could play a role in a BDSM relationship.
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