How can we stay away from cancer?

19 Jan 2023

As we all know, cancer is an extremely harmful disease.

Not only will the patient's body appear all kinds of discomfort symptoms, but it also has the characteristics of malignant infiltrating growth and rapid proliferation, especially by the external pressure squeeze, which may lead to organ failure and eventually endanger life.

Therefore, we must develop good living habits to avoid organ lesions and cancer invasion. What can we do to achieve this effect? In fact, cancer cells are most afraid of the "4 diligence" and "3 precautions". If we can do all of them cancer may be far away.

Do these things diligently

1. Keep a good mood

Clinical investigations have found that cancer and psychological factors are also related to a certain extent. If a person is in a depressed mood all day, his function will be greatly affected. Over time, cells gradually invade the body's organs, making the body's resistance to decline. No matter what happens, we must face optimistically, in order to effectively prevent cancer.

2. Eat healthy

The healthy diet mentioned here actually includes three aspects, one is the combination of staple foods. To put it simply, you should eat more fiber-rich foods , such as corn, yam, oats, etc., which can speed up the intestinal peristalsis and digestion, thereby preventing food residues from staying in the body. Eat more fruits and vegetables. They can supplement the nutrients needed by the body and achieve the effect of enhancing immunity.

The last point I mentioned is to drink plenty of water. After all, water is an important part of the human body. Only drinking plenty of water can promote body metabolism, accelerate the discharge of waste toxins, and reduce the stimulation of cells.

3. Exercise more

Studies have shown that, in fact, obesity is also an important cause of cancer, such as breast cancer. The reason is that when the body weight is too large, the female endocrine is easy to be imbalanced.

Therefore, it is necessary to exercise regularly in order to reduce the probability of cancer.

4. Medical examination

Because the appearance of certain cancers when they arrive is more similar to minor diseases, and they are more likely to be confused, so regular physical examinations are necessary to understand the health of the body more clearly and directly.

Do "3 precaution", cancer will stay away

1. Quit smoking

There are many harmful substances in cigarettes, some of which are burned , which will also produce cyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide , which will damage the lungs first, and also activate cancer cells in the body and kill the genes that inhibit cancer cells in the body , and make Normal cells become cancerous.

2. Quit drinking

When alcohol enters the human body, it is converted under the oxidation of the liver. The more alcohol, the heavier the burden on the liver. Over time, it is likely to cause hypoxia in the liver . In addition, ethanol is converted into acetaldehyde, a carcinogen in the body.

3. Avoid staying up late

Rest at night is one of the important ways to maintain energy and maintain good health. If the body does not get enough rest for a long time, it will affect the blood circulation, metabolism and endocrine system .

As a result, the most direct consequence is the lack of immune system resistance, cancer cells are easy to take advantage of the weakness, and sleep before eleven o'clock every day and maintaining seven to eight hours of sleep can effectively improve the body's resistance. For people after the age of thirty-five, if they can do all these things, their body resistance will increase.

All in all, cancer cells are most afraid of the things mentioned above, including quitting smoking, drinking and staying up late, as well as regular medical checkups, healthy diet, more exercise and good mood.

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