About Travelling Part 2

22 Oct 2022

The following factors mostly decide what should be done with the luggage while travelling. 1) How many days in total are there on the trip? 2) Destinations, or places to go and the local climate. 3) The traveler's age, general health, the amount of luggage he can handle on his own, and whether he is using his own vehicle or "public transport" (such as a bus, train, or aeroplane). There are guidelines for how much it should be in the transportation system. Only a certain amount of luggage can be transported.
In conclusion, we carry our belongings after giving various things a lot of thought. In this context, it's crucial to observe the fundamental rules.

1) "Trackle gently" refers to doing so as little as feasible or always. Take only manageable and minimal luggage. They are not necessary It's common for folks to travel with such large stuff. They are bothered by it. Carry only what is absolutely essential. According on the "season" and the location, it is acceptable to bring warm clothing, shawls, and hats; however, in a tropical nation like India, warm clothing is rarely required. Only bring an umbrella and raincoat if the season calls for it.
Preferably, travel attire should be casual in style with bright colours and patterns. Many hotels lack laundry facilities, and leaving clothes at the hotel's "laundry" is expensive. At such times, regular cleaning of undergarments is acceptable, but daily washing of shirts, pants, and sarees is not necessary. Use appropriate clothing for the season. For instance, if we are travelling to a beach resort, half pants or shorts and rubber slippers are appropriate clothing for "beach activities" (running, swimming, playing in the sand, etc.). You need hunting boots if you wish to explore across the hills and the woodland. Women should choose their clothing with casualness as a dressing criterion in mind. Punjabi attire is more practical when it comes to strolling, stair climbing, alighting, carrying luggage, etc. In addition to being comfortable, children's clothing should be in a colour scheme that they won't recognise even if they get mixed up. Having a cloth or napkin on hand is quite helpful for wiping out the train berth, the shoes, and the luggage during the long journey in the train.

2) It is preferable to bring meals from home if the train ride is lengthy. You should also carry snacks like chickpeas and salty grains with you so you may eat them while you go. They must always consume something, especially if there are little children present. One cannot always afford to purchase items from outside sources, and there is no assurance that they will be safe or of high quality. Food should therefore be kept as needed, taking into account the distance travelled, the number of hours travelled, etc. Travel requires more physical effort than ordinary life. To make up for it, it's useful to periodically eat dry fruits, cashews, almonds, and raisins. thus while leaving home, bring water with you as needed. It tastes better cooked and cooled. When drinking packaged, bottled water that was purchased, "crush" the empty bottle before discarding it to prevent it from being used again. Dashami, Dhapate, dry chutney, pickles, and dry veggies are all healthy eating options. Avoid eating foods that spill, stain, or are challenging to clean. After eating, promptly wash everything. Take it off the ground to prevent flies from flying around. Dashami, Dhapate, dry chutney, pickles, and dry veggies are all healthy eating options. Avoid eating foods that spill, stain, or are challenging to clean. After eating, promptly wash everything. Take it off the ground to prevent flies from flying around. 

3) Save enough cash for your trip. Ideally, they shouldn't be maintained in one location. That implies that not all of the money is taken even if the pocket is cut. These days, vests with large enough pockets are readily accessible. There are also underwear options. It is preferable to keep the extra cash in the pocket of your banyan underpants for security. Recent innovations like credit cards and ATM cards are also quite practical. It will not cause any problems if an ATM card or credit card is also present. The only need is that the location where you are travelling has an ATM from that bank. It is preferable to be informed in advance. Traveler's checks are undoubtedly a secure way to transport cash, but these days, with the availability of ATM banking, very few people utilise the TRAILERS WAVER. 

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Great to see such information detailed in this article. What I feel on travelling is that it allows us to escape the monotony of daily life, experience new cultures and traditions, try new foods, meet new people, create memories, and broaden your perspective of the world. It's a chance to break out of your comfort zone and have fun, exciting, and unforgettable experiences. Traveling also helps you to relax, recharge, and reconnect with yourself. It can be a time to learn new skills, indulge in your hobbies, and challenge yourself physically and mentally. With so many new sights, sounds, and sensations to take in, travel provides a wealth of opportunities for personal growth and self-discovery. So, travelling is always greater. We can always be a good (or great) traveller. I prefer to travel with more than 5 people. What about you??
Nice information on this topic
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So much fun in travelling
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