4 Mar 2023

You control and anticipate the things that must be done since you are the driver of your own destiny and no one else's passenger.

You are the ship's captain, with an undetermined destination, plans to get you there, and the freedom to return home.

Go as high as you can; you are the pilot of your aircraft.
You create your own reality, so stick to your strategy.

Hopes and goals unfulfilled, but motivation evident.
A journey with many highs and lows, daily experience gained.

Forward is always the direction; backwards stays the same.
Understand who you truly are and be open to change.

Improve each trait mentioned.
Develop the skills you were given.
Make your heart golden, and have faith in something greater than yourself.

We move on after mistakes are made.
We stand up once more.
If you ever need me, I'm always here to help.

There is a finish to every beginning.
There is an end to every beginning.
Hang on to your successes and your friends all the more.

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