How to Support the $BULB Token

13 Apr 2024

Liquidity Added!

Howdy BULBers!

Great news, we have officially launched the $BULB-$SOL liquidity pool on Meteora

This is a big milestone for everyone in the community, especially for those who supported us from the very beginning when BULB was brand new with a small community of writers. With over 50,000 registered users on BULB, we are starting to establish ourselves as the go-to blogging platform to Write-to-earn and Read-to-earn. 

BULB’s Official Liquidity Pool On Meteora

Now that the BULB Token is officially listed, we are back to building new features. However,  we wanted to write a quick article for the community to discuss how we can all support this community and uplift the BULBconomy via five key actions. 

Five Key Actions to Support the BULB Token

#1 Participate As a Genuine User

First and foremost, we encourage all BULBers to think long term, consider the sustainability of the platform, and actively promote what BULB stands for. If you look at the latest leaderboard, you will realise that all the top performers are consistently the users who are active community members and are doing the right thing. That person can be you too! 

#2 Spend & Stake BULB Tokens

To truly maximise your earning potential, we encourage all users to spend and stake their BULB Tokens to increase their points earning capacity, especially through use cases like BULBmoji NFTs. If you observe the top performers, almost all of them have at least 1 BULBmoji NFT and an allocation of staked BULB Tokens to boost their points multiplier significantly. 

#3 Vote BULB on Solana

Any social media platform will most certainly be plagued by spam, plagiarism and other bad actor activity, and we know this can be a problem with Web3 X-to-earn platforms. On BULB, one of the most rewarding things to do is to help report and moderate the BULB Platform by reviewing and taking down content that violates BULB’s code of conduct. Doing so greatly improves the integrity of the platform as no one appreciates crappy content and fraudulent users. That being said, BULB is a relatively clean platform when you take a holistic view, and this is all thanks to our hard working moderator community. 

Anyone can be a moderator on BULB and that’s the beauty of Web3: it’s governed by community. 

#4 Spread the Word

This one goes without saying, but we encourage everyone to spread the word about BULB to your friends and family! SocialFi  is going to play a big role in Web3 adoption in the future and BULB is well-positioned to be the leader of this space with your help. Let’s be honest, BULB has a great community, is fun to use and is only just getting started! 

#5 Add Liquidity to the Official BULB-SOL Pool

Last but not least, we encourage active community members to add to the official liquidity pool via Meteora. A deep liquidity pool driven by the community is crucial to promoting a healthy and sustainable crypto economy. We will need to work together to continue BULB’s mission of empowering anyone from anywhere to write, read and EARN. 
Being a liquidity provider is a fantastic way to earn BULB Tokens as well as SOL as you get trading fees for every trade that happens in your pool and you get to profit from market swings and inefficiencies along the way. 
It’s super easy to get started so whether you are a crypto beginner or expert, here’s a detailed guide on how to add liquidity via Meteora 👇

How To Add Liquidity to the BULB-SOL Meteora Pool

Step 1: Select the Official BULB-SOL Liquidity Pool

Make sure to select the correct BULB-SOL official liquidity pool with Bin-Step at 100 and trading fee set at 0.25%. Make sure your SOL wallet is connected to Meteora at this point.

Step 2: Click Add Position

Select the “Add Position” tab to access the liquidity parameters page. 

Step 3: Select Liquidity Pool Parameters

Priority Fees
  • Explanation: How fast you want your transaction to be executed
  • Suggestion: Normal (1.0x) to High (2.0x)

Liquidity Slippage
  • Explanation: How much slippage you are willing to accept and still add liquidity 
  • Suggestion:1.50% to 5.00%

Volatility Strategy 

Explanation: How you would like your liquidity to be spread out across a price range
Suggestion: Spot (for even liquidity distribution)

Min/Max Price

Explanation: How wide would you like the price range to be for the liquidity pool
Suggestion: Default

Step 4: Click Add Liquidity 

Click the black button, “Add Liquidity” and proceed.

Step 5: Complete Transaction

Sign and approve the transaction as a normal Solana transaction. Then you are done and ready to collect those trading fees and profit from the market volatility!
Tip: Do not leave the page until the transaction is completed as it may take some time during congested periods. 

That’s it! Ultra-easy, and anyone from anywhere can be a BULB liquidity provider 💪

Bonus ways to support BULB

#6 - Upvote BULB on the Solana Ecosystem!
#7 - Refer your friends to join BULB!

Looking Ahead

Going forward, we will continue to expand our liquidity with a community driven approach, and further strengthen the ecosystem. In addition, we will also be looking to open up more liquidity pool pairs with some exciting Solana projects in the space to create a mutually beneficial relationship for all. More to come on that very soon!

Thank you once again to everyone who has supported us along the way. It’s still early days for all BULB, so let us continue to march on together onwards and upwards 🚀

-BULB Team


All information contained in this blog post does not constitute financial advice in any way whatsoever and is provided for informational  purposes only. Nothing published in this blog post expressly or impliedly indicates the liquidity, tradability and other relevant matters of BULB Tokens, nor does it constitute a promise, representation or conduct of similar intentions in any way whatsoever. Nothing published in this section constitutes an investment or purchase recommendation, nor should content contained be relied upon for any investment or purchase activities. We strongly recommend that you perform your own independent research and/or speak with a qualified professional before making any financial or purchase decisions.

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