Eating Curd Tips

1 Oct 2022

When to Eat Curd and Food to Avoid after having Curd- Curd is liked by most of the people and eating curd has health benefits. There are many nutrients in curd, which cures many diseases, but there is a right time to eat curd, if you eat curd at the wrong time then it becomes poison for you. Not only this, if after eating curd, what are the things that should not be eaten and if you eat then it can cause a lot of damage.

Yogurt contains protein, calcium, riboflavin, lactose, iron, phosphorus, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12. Often there is a dilemma in the minds of people that in which season to eat curd, when to eat it and in which disease it should not be eaten. According to Ayurveda, curd is a medicine for many diseases of the body, but keep these things in mind while eating curd. It helps in strengthening digestion and accelerating metabolism.

Right time to Eat Curd :
  • Stale or sour curd should not be eaten.
  • Do not eat curd or buttermilk at night
  • Curd should not be eaten with non-vegetarian food.
  • If there is constipation, buttermilk should be used instead of curd.
  • Do not eat curd if you have cold, cough, cough
  • Curd should not be eaten if you have asthma
  • If there is swelling anywhere in the body, stay away from curd.

Food to Avoid after Curd

should not drink milk :

Both milk and curd come from the cow, both of which contain a good amount of protein. If you consume milk after eating curd, it may cause vomiting, diarrhea, acidity, nausea, bloating, abdominal pain.

should not drink water :

Drinking water immediately after eating curd can cause cough or soreness. So don't drink water as soon as you eat curd.

fruit :

Fruits of any kind should not be eaten, such as cucumber and mango. Yogurt provides coolness to your body, while mango is warm. If you consume mango after eating curd, then it can cause problems like stomach problems, skin rashes and allergies.

should not eat fried foods :

Many people consume fried foods like paratha etc. with or after curd. If you consume fried foods after eating curd, then it can spoil your digestive system.

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In this, elements like protein, calcium, riboflavin, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12 are found in abundance which are very beneficial for the body.