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11 Jun 2023

Balthazar is a new NFT gaming platform like no other and is changing the way investors invest, players play, and lenders make money, in this new play-to-earn blockchain space.|
The gaming platform is backed by Finder founder Fred Schebesta's investment firm, Hive Empire Capital. In the last 12 months, it raised a total of $8.5 million.

Play-to-earn is where you can earn real money by playing video games. In fact, the play-to-earn space is so valuable, only one particular game, Axie Infinity, which generates more revenue than any other form of cryptocurrency, behind Ethereum.

In comes Balthazar’s Babylon software, with a suite of infrastructure that game developers can use to create Web 3 games. Rather than having to already own a crypto wallet and link it to an NFT-based game, users can sign up to a game using just a username and password. Games integrated with Babylon’s SDK will automatically create the user a noncustodial wallet (a wallet that is not owned by the game creators or Balthazar) for the users to collect in-game assets into.

Babylon is a platform providing standardized NFT gaming infrastructure and a system for games to connect, manage and trade NFTs on blockchains, and enable players to ultimately play their games and own their in-game assets.

Babylon The Non Custodial Wallet are wallets where the private keys are in custody of the owner, and cannot be accessed by any third parties. This gives the owner exclusive control of the assets held in the wallet, and private keys cannot be stolen.

Babylon will provide a template for a game to install an in-game marketplace (“Babylon Bazaar”), it will be a shared orderbook which will also enable out of game marketplaces for the game.

The potential for an open world metaverse becoming a reality needs many pieces of infrastructure to enable it. It can be seen through the development of the Babylon SDK that we will work to solve the 2 major issues in NFT gaming:

  1. Games recoding the same infrastructure - Refocusing game studios on their games and their gameplay and less focus on the blockchain and the infrastructure.
  2. Interoperability of game assets - With the implementation of Babylon as the standard for games to build upon, this standardization will help games become interoperable.

Many future challenges will emerge with the development of Babylon and this paper serves as the first version of the system. Balthazar will continue to develop the system and future iterations and versions will be developed as problems arise.

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